Winter Wonderland

I realize that I really like posting pictures on this “blog”. However, the most “exciting” parts of our lives are captured in pictures, so photos will be my (Holly’s) main way of posting until I can think of something more creative! This post contains a montage of pictures that show some of the winter festivities happening in the Cooper household!

I LOVE colorful Christmas decorations!

First day at a new job, “new” clothes from Plato’s Closet (and a picture of the tree)

Ornaments from Goodwill- We spent $5 on Christmas Ornaments, and the tree is a hand-me-down from my mom, SCORE!

Our street on December 4, the first “real” snow of the season!

We currently do not have any birdies living in the birdhouse 😦

Silas checking out the snow (he looks so dingy next to the pure white snow!)

Puppy tracks in the snow 🙂


Daniel is supposed to write a post later today, he always has something insightful to say!

Happy Holidays!

Winter Wonderland

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