Of Cranberries and Ice

The Cooper household has been filled with some wonderful aromas this holiday season. After baking with our dear friends, the Tuckers, we decided to bake with CRANBERRIES! Two versions of bread were baked: Gluten Free Cranberry bread, and a Pumpkin Cranberry bread for the husband!

The Gluten Free recipe came from the Gluten Free Club e-mails that arrive daily in my inbox- recipe HERE. I subbed Pamela’s Pancake and Baking mix, omitted the xanthan gum, salt and baking powder, switched in oil for butter, used less sugar and used Cranberry flavored Crystal Light instead of OJ. (I guess I didn’t really follow a recipe). I also chopped up the cranberries and added a hefty handful of chopped pecans. The resulting bread was sweet with a nice “toasty” crust, and a lovely pink color due to the Crystal Light!

The glutinous version was created using THIS recipe. Again, substitutions were made (we were out of WW flour, I reduced the sugar, added pecans and added more spice). Daniel said the bread was “one of the best you’ve ever baked”!

Apparently the bread was SO delicious that our friends’ pup, Rooney decided to eat 2/3 of the loaf. He somehow managed to get the loaf off of our counter top and into his belly…

Rooney and Silas. Rooney is Silas’ dear friend. Our pals needed some quiet time to study for exams (the husband is in LAW school and the wife is in GRADUATE school). Rooney has some mischievous blood running through his little aussie-mix veins.

I WILL be making this bread again for my Hubs.

In case you cannot tell from this picture, there are two dogs and one cat surrounding Daniel. Nap times are fun in this house!

“What’s wrong with Silas’ eye” you ask? He had a case of FOLLICULAR MANGE. Little mites that live on Silas’ skin are usually kept in check by his immune system, but when the IS goes out of whack, the mites go insane! They feast on hair, leaving Silas with a goofy bald donut shape around his eyeball. His hair is growing back, and we apply a weird smelling cream each day to keep the mites in check. He’s fine, it’s not contagious, and I think he just looks so silly in pictures!

In other news, and to tie in the “ice” part of the post title, we were hit with our Annual Ice storm here in central Kentucky.

Fortunately, it’s pretty warm outside so everything is incredibly slushy.

We’re now waiting for our furnace to be repaired, have a wonderful day.


Of Cranberries and Ice

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