Welcome, 2011!

I’ll leave my goals picture up to your interpretation 🙂 Daniel has a huge long list of goals and to-do’s that he’s working on. I tried to be vague on my goals so that I have room to adjust and interpret them as the year goes on! I should just say that these are my January goals, because I believe that these parts of my life will become habit after a little while, I just needed to discipline myself! I’m excited to re-evaluate at the end of January and set new goals for February!

Daniel’s getting ready to go back to school in a week, so another “goal” for 2011 will be balancing our time together. I work three evenings per week (i.e. getting home around 9pm), and Daniel has class the other two nights per week. It’s going to be a bit of a difficult semester, but nothing we cannot handle! We might have to swap out “date night” for “date lunch” or something like that 🙂

I’ll leave you with the only picture I took on New Year’s Eve! We got together with our Life Group from church and played games to ring in the New Year!

Welcome, 2011!

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