I have another recipe for you- but that will have to wait a few days. This post is about Mowgli- our gangster cat.

Daniel recieved a call during the summer of 2008 (the summer Daniel and I started dating) from his friend Jake, saying that he found a kitten at the neighborhood park. Daniel called me, knowing that I loved all things furry. I encouraged Daniel to go pick up the stray kitten and I headed over to his house.

This is what Mowgli looked like when we found him: skinny, black and crusty. His eyes were sealed shut with mucous, and you could see nearly every bone in his tiny little body.

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures. We nursed Mowgli to health. He is about 4 weeks old in this picture (according to the vet). Mowgli had developed herpes in his eyes- causing them to develop abnormally. He had corneal ulcers (nasty, I know. Don’t Google it, I warned you). The ulcers caused the pumps that keep the fluid in the lens of the eye clear to stop working. Therefore, Mowgli has cloudy eyes.

Mowgli at 8 weeks. Mowgli lived with my family until Daniel and I had to go back to school. At my college, animals were not allowed in the dorms. But Dan was in an apartment, so he had the privilege of raising Mowgli!

Mowgli was raised around a dog, so he doesn’t mind Silas’ doggy antics. Mowgli was confined to the apartment until Daniel and I got married- and then he transitioned into an indoor-outdoor cat. We joke that Mowgli came from the streets, and now he’s back in the streets.

Mowgli loves to hang out in and near the gutters in our neighborhood. Right before we got married, Mowgli mysteriously chipped one of his teeth. Then, a few months after we got married, he got in a scuffle with an unknown animal and now sports a tear in his ear. He’s hardcore.

And now, a few more pictures to show that I really do love Mowgli (but I really love Silas more, which is why he is included in some of the photos)


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