Budgeting for Groceries: Pictures

After that lengthy post, I thought I’d show you where we keep all of our groceries!











This is our fridge. In the door, we have condiments, milk, jams, miso paste and sauces. In the fridge we have:

There isn’t a whole lot in our freezer, in the summer we’ll have homemade ice cream and frozen fruit, but right now we have some frozen veggies and a few GF muffins that I can take to work.

This is our pantry.

  • Oils, vinegars, seasonings and bananas reside on the top shelf
  • Canned tomatoes, beans, rice, dried beans, quinoa, popcorn kernels and pasta live on the second shelf. I like to keep the dried products stored in glass jars so I can easily tell what we need to replenish!
  • Our oats, honey, coconut butter (recipe to come!) and root veggies (potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic) stay on this shelf
  • The second to lowest shelf houses protein powder, creatine (for my hulk of a husband), our mandolin and measuring cups
  • The lowest shelf holds a bin of tupperware

This is our spice cabinet, located to the left of our sink. The top shelf has baking spices and the lower shelf has spices and seasonings for everyday cooking.

This tiny nook holds flours (gluten free and regular), sugar, cocoa, cutting boards and Silas’ food (in the tin).

And last, but not least, our countertop shelving unit that holds our tea & coffee supplies (beans, sweetener, measuring scoop) and some other miscellaneous dried goods that wouldn’t fit into the jars.

That’s a tour of the food-storage sections of our kitchen, next I’ll post about how we de-cluttered our counter tops (but I might decide to post about a workout or about the animals first!)

Budgeting for Groceries: Pictures

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