An Interview with the Animals

Mowgli and Silas sat still for about 0.52008 milliseconds- just enough time to participate in a quick interview:

Q: What is your goal in life?

  • M: To be the master of the gutters and to teach that dog to stop licking my rear.
  • S: To drive mom & dad crazy by being the best bell-ringer EVER. And to be the best at throwing a ball to myself. (We taught Silas to ring a bell whenever he needed to go to the bathroom, now he rings it anytime he feels like it…)

Q: What is your favorite thing to eat?

  • M: Dog food
  • S: Cat poo (even better if it’s frozen!) But mom’s homemade puppy treats are delicious too!

Q: Who is your best friend?

  • M: I love anyone who will pet me
  • S: Rooney! He is SO funny, he has the most awesome fur, he plays tug-of-war with me, he likes to drink water at the same time as me. People even asked if we were brothers when we were puppies!

Q: Show me your favorite self-portrait

M: I like this picture because it shows my awesome fangs. I look awesome.S: This is a picture of me and my favorite kibble (I think I’m about 8 weeks old here). I wish I could find that kibble…

Q: What is your biggest fear?

  • M: I am fear. (Mowgli is so dramatic)
  • S: I hate when dad carries the broom around. I am also terrified of the hair dryer- I hopped back into the bathtub (which I NEVER do) because I was so shaken.

Q: What do you want the readers to know about you?

  • M: I may look tough on the outside, with my torn ear, my broken tooth and my weepy eyes- but I really just want to cuddle with you. If you let me nibble on your chin, we’ll be friends forever!
  • S: If you call my name and open you car door, I will go home with you. If you walk past my house, and I’m not on my leash, I will walk with you. Mom say’s I’m just too friendly! And, for the record, I DO NOT have the wrong head attached to my body. That’s just how I was made!

Best friends forever (M wishes S was still that little…)

Questions? Comments? Leave us a message and we’ll answer them!

An Interview with the Animals

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