A to Z

It’s been forever since I’ve posted! We’ve had lots of fun times, but for now, I’m going to do a silly middle-school-girl esque “survey”.

  • A: Age: 23 (I’m robbing the cradle…)
  • B: Bed size: Queen
  • C. Chore you hate: Folding laundry. We live out of laundry baskets- rarely do things make it into my dresser.
  • Dogs: Silas, Siley, Tiley, Poo-eater
  • E. Essential start to your day: COFFEE! French press, please! And you know what? Coffee tastes even better when your husband makes it for you every morning because he gets up earlier than you 🙂
  • F. Favorite color: Blue
  • G. Gold or silver: White gold? The only piece of “real” jewelry I have are my wedding/engagement rings- and they’re white gold (aka rhodium-dipped gold)
  • H: Height: 5’3.75″ (the extra 0.75inches count!)
  • I: Instruments that you can play: I played cello once…
  • J: Job title: Child of God, Wife, Nanny to triplet boys, Front Desk Associate at Body Structure
  • Kids: none, besides the animals, of course
  • L: Live: Lexington
  • M: Mom’s name: Luigene (think “blue jean” but drop the “B”)
  • N: Nicknames: I’ve never really had a nickname that “stuck”. My dad used to call me pee-wee, every now and then I’ll hear a “Holl”
  • O: Overnight hospital stays: December 2008- I didn’t have enough blood… it mysteriously left my body. 4 units of O+ blood later and I was fine! And when I was a baby- for my Celiac disease diagnosis
  • P: Pet peeve: Wet socks.
  • Q: Quote from a movie: I am the most awful quoter ever. From movies to commonly said phrases. I WILL say them incorrectly. Ask Daniel…
  • R: Righty or lefty: Right
  • S: Sibling: Mags, 19; Cat, 14; Matt, 12; Ashley (step) 18; Kayla (step) 10
  • T: Time you wake up: 8-9am
  • U: Underwear: yes?
  • V: Vegetables you dislike: I dislike Okra. Daniel HATES beets!
  • W: What makes you run late: I’m always running late. I usually forget something inside and then I end up going in and out at least 5 times before I can get out the door. Also, I like to start “projects” at the very last minute, i.e. putting new handles on my dresser drawers about 10 minutes before I had to take D to class. It was obviously the best time to start a measuring-intensive project…
  • X: X-rays: Whenever I had a stress fracture in my femoral neck, 2007 I think.
  • Y: Yummy food you make: Sometimes it’s yummy… just check out the RECIPES page for some of the things we’ve whipped up!
  • Z: Zoo favorite animal: I think zoos (how do you pluralize “Zoo”?) are kind of cruel. The animals are kept in their tiny little cages all day 😦

Whelp, that got me tired enough to go to sleep, thanks for reading!

A to Z

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