Funny Searches

If you have a WordPress Blog, you can check out awesome stats like how many times your page was viewed, where the readers found your link (FACEBOOK!), and you can even see Google searches that led users to your blog. To perk up your Monday morning, I thought I’d give you the rundown of the Search Terms that have led unsuspecting people to our blog:

And a random pictures, because i DON’T LIKE POSTING WITHOUT A PICTURE…

  • Duncan Memorial Chapel (before choosing to get married there, I searched HIGH and LOW for pictures of the place. I’m glad we have pictures so that couples can see this wonderful location!)
  • Image of whole grain kernel anatomy
  • Corn tortillas with cinnamon and sugar
  • Baked Sweet Potato
  • Fat free chocolate fudge cookies
  • Husky mixed stripe puppy (they must be talking about EVIE)
  • First job interview clothe (someone can’t spell)
  • 5 ingredient dog (I think dogs are made of more than 5 things…)
  • The Cooper Family Missionary to the Streets
  • Red cinnamon kettle corn
  • Homemade kettle corn burns
  • Cooper sweet potatoes
  • Debt free money off pay
  • смешные животные (your guess is as good as mine…)
  • Protein Oatmeal snack
  • Cooper’s chocolate fudge
  • “back into the bathtub”
  • Symbol for commitment
  • Cooper Family Awesome (MY FAVORITE!)
  • Planning groceries for a week
  • Few ingredient dog treats
  • Silas little lawyer picture(what!?!)
  • my nightquil is expired a year ago. i am sick and need help can i still take some
  • “Silas little” (look how CUTE)
  • Pale sick person (photos here)
  • What to do with extra carrots
  • Puppy snow
  • Funny photos i am awesome
  • awesome pics
  • my school girls friend
  • The ring
  • Using up rice

That’s all folks. I’m gonna go ahead and put “my  husband looks like a hobo” and “husband with dog” so that people might find our blog if they search for those terms 🙂

Funny Searches

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