No equipment workout

New favorite workout site:

I did a KILLER workout today since I was a wuss and didn’t want to run in the 40 degree temperatures. 50 and 60 degrees, please come back, I was just starting to get back into my running groove! This is the workout that I completed today: 550 Rep Fat Massacre

Anyways- this workout requires absolutely NO equipment (besides a pair of shoes). The beauty of this workout is that it is a “challenge” type of workout. You go through all of the exercises and complete all of the reps for each, but you don’t have a certain time limit to complete them in. This type of workout would be great for someone just starting their fitness routine, you do each exercise with proper form, and then move onto the next one. Time yourself and then come back to the workout another day and try to beat your previous time!

My time today was 25:17. I REALLY struggled with the walking push-ups, I had to do girly pushups for most of the reps. I know that each time I try this workout, I’ll be able to do more regular pushups!

My baby picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post, it kind of looks like I’m trying to do a pushup though?

No equipment workout

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