Coopers try Crofters

This weekend the Coopers went on a secret Crofter’s Mission. What’s Crofters? You’ve never heard of Crofter’s? They only make the worlds best Organic, Superfruit Spread- check out their website Crofters Organic.

Last week, we recieved a coupon in the mail from Crofter’s for a free jar of jam. I went over to the Good Foods Co-Op and immediatley picked up a jar of deliciousness. I chose the “Asia Superfruit” spread, partly because of the listed ingredients, and partly because of the sunny yellow label.

The Asia Superfruit Spread boasts a simple yet impressive ingredient list: Organic Morello Cherry, Organic Red Grape Concentrate, Organic Raspberry, Organic Yumberry Concentrate, Organic Fair-Trade Cane Sugar, Natural Fruit Pectin, Ascorbic Acid.

“Raspberries and Yumberries blended with Morello Cherries and Red Grapes” How could it not be delicious?! I hurried home from the grocery store, eager to try out our new jam. Daniel and decided to taste the spread straight from a spoon (we’ve both been known to eat other jams and jellies right off of a spoon- we’re purists like that) We opened the jar and a beautiful deep red/purple jam stared back at us.

It didn’t take long for Daniel to plunge his shiny spoon into the depths that is Crofter’s Organic Asian Superfruit Spread.

“Good texture. I like the tartness… With a coupon, I would definitley get this again.”

I gave Daniel the camera and dug into the jar- at first, I was surprised at the refreshing tartness of the spread. The hint of tartness was reminiscent of cranberries (thought- this would be a DELICIOUS cranberry jelly substitute at Thanksgiving!)

There are little bits and chunks of fruit all throughout, and there are even a few tiny seeds (which I happen to love).

The next morning, (very early in the morning, before I went to work), I put a glob of deliciousness along with peanut butter on top of my gluten free oats. I’m kind of obsessed with all things PB&J, I eat this combo almost every morning.

I loved the little chunks of fruits when I was eating the spread with my oatmeal!

If you live near a Fresh Market, they are actually having samples of Crofter’s THIS WEEKEND (heated, served over vanilla ice cream). So head on over to Fresh Market between 2 and 6pm on Saturday or Sunday, and have a taste of the amazing Superfruit Spread yourself!

Coopers try Crofters

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