My Best Friend is getting Married

In less than one week, my best friend will be married.

I am so excited and blessed to be able to stand next to this woman who helped me to become who I am. We’ve known each other since 6th grade when we constructed an alligator together in art class. Little did I know that we would laugh about that alligator project 10 years later.

Kristen and I have gone through many hair colors together, we’ve gone on unsuccessful dates together, and now, we’ll both be married to the men that God had chosen especially for us! I am so excited to share the journey of being a married woman with Kristen. I am excited for us to share our struggles, our triumphs and everything in between.

But for now, let’s just take a trip down memory lane (with pictures), before Kristen Miller becomes Mrs. Kristen Bittel

Going to Poland together
Running together
Visiting Murray State, where Kristen would graduate from
Going to Snowball Dances in High School
Wearing doilies on our heads in Costa Rica (I can't believe we went out in public)
Being silly together
Helping friends post signs
Senior Prom
Sniffing Flowers
Having weird hair together
Sitting in Trunks
Being really weird...
Sharing bruised and banged up knees
Eating Magic Berries before I left for Kenya
My maid of honor (can't wait to return the favor!)
My most beautiful friend
Soon to be Mr and Mrs Bittel 🙂

I love you Kristen!

My Best Friend is getting Married

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