Quinceañeras and Half-Price Haircuts

Big day today- my youngest sister, Catherine, turned 15. All of my siblings are now teenagers. Weird! To pay homage to my baby sis turning 15, here is a smattering of pictures. Catherine, don’t hate me for putting up some old pics.

Pico only likes Catherine

Seriously, he only likes Catherine.

Happy Birthday Sis!

I also splurged today and got a haircut, for a whole $17 bucks. If you’re not too picky about your hair, head on over to the Paul Mitchell The School and get your hair done for pennies. You can choose to get a ‘do by a “Phase 1” or “Phase 2” student- I opted for a “Phase 2” student named Ashley and she did a FANTASTIC job! At the end of a cut, an instructor came over and checked out the cut. I didn’t have ANY problems or dislikes about what Ashley had done with my hairs, but I imagine if there was some huge issue, the stylist would have fixed it! Now that I know I can get a good, cheap haircut, I think I will be getting them much more regularly!



Highly recommended. No doubt.

Also, for all of my runner friends (aka Ashley K), there is an awesome race that John’s Run Walk Shop posted today. Mark your calendars for May 22nd @ 1:30pm for the Running 4 the Sole 5k. It will be held at Coldstream Park (off of Newtown).

A “5th grader who wants to make the world a little better” and Calvary Baptist Church are teaming up to put on this event. The entry fee? A slightly used pair of shoes. That’s it. My friends, that is the least expensive race that you will ever participate in. The shoes will be given to Soles for Souls (check out more on the Running 4 the Sole Facebook Page).

I’d love to get a group of people to run or even walk the event together. So, if you have a slightly used pair of sneaks, join us on May 22nd as we run and walk and donate shoes!

Quinceañeras and Half-Price Haircuts

3 thoughts on “Quinceañeras and Half-Price Haircuts

  1. That sounds like a fun race, although I don’t gently use my shoes, I stank them up!! haha, but seriously let me know when it gets closer!! Also, dog park …soon!

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