Date Night at Seki

Silas wanted to have a friend over while Daniel and I went on a date, so Rooney came over to babysit Silas!

While the two mutts chased each other around the yard, we got dolled up for our stroll to Seki, a Japanese Restaurant that is located less than a block from our house in Lexington.

We were going to take our picture under the birch tree in the backyard, but we settled for standing in front of the shed because the dogs were near the tree and we didn’t want any extra dog hair on our clothes. Plus, maybe we’ll be farmers one day, so I suppose the rake is fitting.


Doesn’t he have the cutest rear? That is my “Hangry” (Hungry-angry) face. I wasn’t really that hungry, but I decided to make my hangry face anyways.

Get ready for some crap-tastic photos of our food. Seki looks like a hole in the wall, but the prices and quality of the sushi were outstanding. We had read a few reviews on Yelp and Urbanspoon, and they all suggested getting a reservation. We booked a table for 2 at 7:30 on a Tuesday night. When we walked in, we were warmly greeted and we were shown to our table. There were 5 other patrons there, so I’m guessing you could get a table on a weekday night without a reservation. When we arrived, our drink orders were taken. We both got water, but they had a selection of 6 or 7 Sake drinks, a few wines, and a few beers. In addition, their non-alcoholic drink list boasted Sodas for $1 and a pretty good selection of teas!

We weren’t sure if a real camera would be appropriate inside the establishment, hence the blurry cell phone pictures. Our pictures of the menu are not readable, so, I’ll just tell you what was on the menu! Their appetizers included house and seaweed salads, edamame, tempura veggies, steamed rice and a few appetizers running about $2 each. They had a variety of Sashimi (raw fish, no rice) from $4-$8, a variety of Sushi Rolls (raw fish, sushi rice and veggies wrapped with seaweed) for $7-$10, a Sushi/Sashimi tasting platter for $20, $30 or $40, and a selection of Hand rolls ranging from $5-$7. Really moderately priced, especially for sushi! They also had a few cooked selections including a few meat and rice dishes, and they even had a udon dish and an udon noodle soup.

Since I was hangry, I decided that sushi alone would not be enough to fill the black hole that is my stomach. We decided to order a Bento Box (California Roll, Salad, Soup, Tempura Veggies and Pork over Rice) and a Yellow Tail and Scallion Sushi Roll.

Before we get to the grub, check out this wasabi container on the table:

We could not figure out why the wasabi was crammed into this little one-footed egg canister. It was so difficult to get out! We just kept on staring at this little guy throughout our dinner, we found him so funny! There was also a gigantic container of pickled ginger on the table which made both of us very happy! We love ginger!

First our Miso soup came out. The broth was exactly what I love about miso soup- salty and mild with a few scallions and a couple of bits of tofu floating around. I would have loved a few more pieces of tofu in my soup, but it was delicious as-is.

After slurping down our soup, our salads appeared. The salads were dressed in a light rice-wine vinegar dressing. Mine had a few pieces of imitation crap and avocado on top, Daniel’s just had some shredded carrots. We were a little disappointed that the dressing wasn’t the miso-ginger dressing we’re used to getting at Japanese establishments, but we both happily ate our greens.

After our salads had been devoured, we talked for a few minutes before the rest of our meal appeared. Our Bento Box appeared alongside our Yellow Tail and Scallion Roll. First up: the Bento Box.

Starting from the top left corner, going clockwise: California Roll (imitation crab, avocado, cucumber rolled in rice and seaweed, topped with fish eggs); Veggie Tempura (a slice of potato, a piece of broccoli and 2 slices of kabocha squash- like a sweet potato); a delicious pickled veggie salad; and white rice topped with Stir-fried Pork and scallions (chicken was the other meat option). For $10, this seemed like a good deal. I would have preferred another side of the pickled veggie salad instead of the veggie tempura (since I can’t eat tempura anyways). There was also a soy/sesame/rice wine vinegar dipping sauce for the tempura veggies that came out. The little pile in the middle was grated radish topped with some more grated ginger. Too piquant for my tatebuds.

The star of the show was the yellowtail and scallion sushi:

8 super meaty pieces of sushi. Inside, each had fish, scallion and avocado, wrapped in seaweed and rice, and topped with another slab of yellowtail with a tiny little bit of wasabi hiding underneath. It was fresh, it was delicious and the picture does not do it justice.

We finished off our shared meal with Mochi and Ice Cream:

It was a little vanilla ice cream ball wrapped with gummy, sweet mochi. I’ve only had baked mochi before, so this was a different experience. The little ball of creamy deliciousness was the perfect sweet ending to our Tuesday date night.

When our check came out, instead of mints we got some grape flavored gummies. They were too cute.

For less than $25 we left Seki full and satisfied. We will definitely be returning!

Date Night at Seki

2 thoughts on “Date Night at Seki

  1. Haley Tucker says:

    Wow, so fun! What is mochi? Adam and I go to a Japanese place in Georgetown with his parents like, all the time. Its amazing! And I would have been disappointed about no ginger miso dressing. I could drink that stuff.

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