A morning in the Cooper house

A morning at the Cooper House:

5am- Mowgli wakes us up by meowing pathetically at our bedroom door. Daniel lets him outside.

7:30am- Daniel wakes up to his alarm (I have no clue what happens between 7:30 and when I wake up…). Silas makes noises outside our door until Daniel comes out of the room.

8:20am- I wake up, stumble into the bathroom, rinse my face, put on my glasses. Come into the kitchen where fresh, hot French Press coffee is waiting for me (so that’s what he does while I’m sleeping!)

8:25am- Sit down to breakfast. On cold days- oatmeal with PB&J. On hot days- cereal with PB&J. On days where I’m going to work out in the morning, a banana with PB&J. See a pattern here?

9am- I’m probably finished with breakfast, although sometimes I’m still working on it. Only about 1/2 done with my coffee at this point. During breakfast, I poke around online, check my email multiple times and decide if I’m going to be productive that day before work.

10am- I have no idea where the last hour has gone- I’m either working on some freelance graphic design/ad design stuff (my 3rd “job”), vacuuming the mass amounts of fur that Silas and Mowgli are shedding.

10:15am- Let Silas outside. Start a workout, I’m absolutely LOVING BodyRock.tv workouts. I think I’ve posted about them before, but they’re tough, at home workouts that use a minimal amount of equipment. They’re short, intense and I am proud to say that I have some muscles now.  For real! Daniel and I took some “before we started working out” pictures back in the winter, and I took some more recent pictures. I feel weird putting them up on here, but if enough people convince me to, I just might!

11am- Probably done with my workout, trying to prepare my lunch with shaky legs and arms (a difficult task). However, if I’m nannying on this hypothetical day, I’ll probably just jump in the shower and head out the door around 11:30am.

12pm- Trying to eat some form of a lunch before rushing out the door at 12:30 so I’m not late to work (at the gym).

12:15pm- Quick dash back into the bathroom to brush my teeth. This is also when Silas strategically takes advantage of my frenzy to get out the door- he curls up on our bed and puts on his best puppy face.

12:20pm- I shoo the pup off the bed, make sure he has water, and dash out the door.

12:21-12:29pm- I dash in and out of the house because I’ve forgotten 90% of what I needed to take with me. Yes, it’s exhausting.

12:30pm- Usually on my way to work 🙂

And that’s a morning in the Cooper household!

A morning in the Cooper house

One thought on “A morning in the Cooper house

  1. Rachel says:

    This made me smile! Now you have to convince Daniel to write a blog entry of his own b/c I’d love to hear his take on what mornings are like. 🙂 Just curious…

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