Confession time! This is just a fun, lighthearted post to show you some of the oddities of the Cooper family!

Confession #1: I (Holly) have started to wear super-dorky baseball caps when I run outside. It immediately qualifies me as a candidate for “What not to Wear”, but it keeps the sun out of my eyes.

Confession #2: Daniel and I go through a jar of peanut butter each week. We usually make our own peanut butter. We are peanut butter addicts, and I’m okay with that!

Confession #3: This is embarrasing, but I still sleep with a blankie. Sometimes I wrap it around my eyes (and it then becomes known as “the turban”). It has an embroidered “Tigger” character on it. I know, super lame.

Confession #4: Silas gets approximately 5-10 belly rubs per day. Way over the Recommended Daily Allowance.

Confession #5: The ceiling fan/light fixture in our bedroom has been broken since November. I still try to turn on the light by using the switch, knowing that it won’t do a single thing.

Confession #6 (from Silas): I look stupid when I go #2

Confession #7 (from Mowgli): I’ve been in this exact same spot for at least 4 hours today.

Confession #8: For some weird reason, I have wanted to have fresh flowers in the house. if you know me, this is strange because I don’t like flowers. At all.

Confession #9: I have watched 17 episodes of the first season of Glee in the past few weeks. Does this make me a Gleek?

Confession #10: These two photos are pictures out of a magazine. They’re cool pictures, why not frame them? The last picture, the one with the black background? That’s a picture taped onto a piece of cardboard that I spray-painted black. I’m cheap.


Confession #11: We have these tiny little glasses, but since we’re not having a fancy-shmancy party anytime soon, I decided to fill some of them with bath crystals. I have no idea what the intended purpose for these tiny glasses are, but I like them.

Confession #12: We hate doing laundry.

Confession #13: I bought a waffle maker at Goodwill for only $3.50. It makes good waffles.

Confession #14: Someone asked me if I had Reptar on my t-shirt. It is not Reptar, it is my brother-in-law’s band, Remember Me Always. And for you Facebook users, here is a link to RMA’s Facebook page!

I don’t really know how much of a “confessional” post this was, but it was fun to write!


One thought on “Confessions

  1. ericandally says:

    And it was fun to read. I can identify with several of these.

    1. I wear a hat when I run in the rain. I look ridiculous, but it makes me feel awesome and athletic, because only athletes wear hats, right?

    5. We took the light bulb out of the fixture on the left side of our apartment back in October. I try to turn it on at least once a week.

    9. I watch old episodes of Glee while I clean and bake.

    12. We both hate doing laundry more than we hate doing anything else (except maybe washing dishes).

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