Graduation Part 1

This past weekend, Daniel and I headed back “home” to Louisville to celebrate his sisters’ graduation from college! Rachel (Days with Evie) is now finished with college! I bet Evie will be glad that her mom’s nose won’t be buried in books and papers for a little while! On Friday night, we hung out at Daniel’s mom’s place. Silas and Evie played, and played, and played, and played. Both dogs were exhausted at the end of the night, I think everyone slept well on Friday! Daniel also set up his slack line and we took turns nearly breaking our necks as we tried to walk across.

We celebrated with a dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack right near the River. Joe’s was loud, lively and there was even a Gluten-Free menu! Unfortunately, our service was terrible, and I think that’s putting it nicely.

Out of the 12 orders, one was missing completely, and at least 3 others had missing components 😦 Along with no Crustacean shell crackers, and not enough silverware, we had to keep asking the staff for items. I felt horrible bothering them EVERY time that they came to the table, but, that is kind of their job. After an okay meal, (seafood is always awesome, but this was tainted by the bad service, boo), Rachel got the pleasure of being embarrassed by the entire restaurant. The staff had Rachel trot around the restaurant on a purple horse-on-a-stick.


The men drooled over a pair of yellow Lamborghinis parked in front of Joe’s, and I can’t believe I didn’t snap a picture. Darn… But I do have a few random pictures from the dinner table:



(Note: Not Rachel and Tim’s baby. Baby Aliza is their niece!)

Anyways, after dinner, we headed over to Rachel and Tim’s place for some dessert and a movie. Ice cream on a warm summer night ALWAYS hits the spot! We also watched “Just Go With It” starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, HILARIOUS. I usually don’t laugh at movies (not out loud anyways), and this one had us all cracking up!

Stay tuned for Graduation Part 2…!

Graduation Part 1

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