Graduation Part 2

To round out the graduations this season, Silas graduated from Obedience school on Tuesday!

We attended a 7 week course sponsored by the Lexington Dog Training Club, “A Social and Educational Organization Dedicated to Responsible Dog Ownership”. We had the opportunity to work alongise one another, under the supervision of an instructor, to get to know Silas better. With easy-to-follow exercises and homework assignments, we really learned how Silas operates. We had a great time, and we can proudly say that Silas does MUCH better in almost all areas of “obedience” (listening, focus, following direction, etc.)

Anyways, for what we got out of this course, we would highly recommend it to anyone! It was fun to be around other caring dog owners for 7 weeks, and it was great to watch their dogs succeed as well!

"Mom, really? Another picture?"

We had a wonderful time, and Silas even earned a new bandanna for graduating! Hooray!

Proud parents!





Graduation Part 2

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