Date Day Revealed!

Hi friends! If you caught my post yesterday, you know that Daniel whisked me off to a super secret, surprise date day!


I had absolutely no idea where we were going, but Daniel did give me a few tips:

  1. Eat a light lunch and pack snacks for the drive home
  2. Wear something cute yet comfortable
  3. Bring a jacket
  4. Bring glasses (because we would be getting home late, and my eyes reject my contacts around 9pm each night)

Aside from those few tips, he wouldn’t tell me ANYTHING!


I snacked on a fudge pop before we hit the road!


We started heading north, but I still had no idea where we would stop.


The exit to our first stop: our early dinner.


I first fell in love with Noodles & Company when my family lived in Colorado. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to have Noodles & Co. about once a year, and Daniel thought I was well overdue! The closest Noodles & Company is up in Florence, KY- not acceptable. MOVE CLOSER NOODLES & CO! The best thing about Noodles  & Company? You can substitute RICE NOODLES in any of their dishes! It makes going to a noodle themed restaurant FUN for this gluten-free girl!

We ordered 2 entrees to split: Japanese Pan Noodles (with Rice Noodles) and a Greek Salad. (see the rest of the menu HERE!)



DELICIOUS as always!


We hit the road again and saw our name on a car


We then arrived in Dayton (thank goodness for our GPS, we would have NEVER made it to where we were going without it!) We started driving down the streets in Dayton and these signs were EVERYWHERE, especially on the block that Daniel kept circling to try to find a parking spot:


Then, Daniel told me to pull an envelope out of his pocket…


We were going to see THE LION KING! Daniel thought I was well overdue for a trip to Kenya, and boy was he right. Unfortunately, I only have one more photo from you as cameras weren’t allowed in the theater!


If you do a quick google search for “The Lion King Musical”, you will see even more pictures highlighting the artistry, talent and the amazing skills of the actors, stagehands and creators of the show. The theater was PACKED with people! I was so excited, I’ve never really seen a musical before, and The Lion King is one of my favorite movies!

If you want to see the Lion King- do it. Just do it.

Can I just gush about my wonderful husband for a minute? I am SO extremely blessed to be married to a man who knows me so well. I am so lucky to have a husband that shows his love in extravagant ways. I thank God for you, Daniel! Thanks for such a wonderful day!

Date Day Revealed!

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