Friends and Fireworks

In case you missed our posts over the weekend, check them out!

Today is my mom’s birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!


And now for a few highlights from the 4th! We were invited to our friends Tracy and Josh’s house for a BBQ and fireworks! We went to high school with Tracy, and Tracy and Josh were also celebrating their 1 year anniversary over the weekend! Awesome! Silas and their dog, Kaylee had a BLAST playing together last night!


Silas REALLY liked Kaylee, and much humping ensued. That’s just how he shoes his love. And no, I didn’t take any pictures, but it gave everyone a good laugh!

We also played some cornhole (I hate the name of the game, but it’s fun). I sipped on some tasty (and cheap!) Shiraz (RED wine), and the boys had some of the homebrew that Josh and our friends Zac and Dale made.


The night ended with Josh starting the bonfire with a gigantic blowtorch, and Tracy and Josh’s neighbor even came over to set off some fireworks, and no one was injured!


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Friends and Fireworks

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