Fitness Friday!

This is the first post in the series “Fitness Friday”. Each Friday, I hope to recap all of the fun activities throughout the week! Remember when I posted about the 3,000 in 35 Abs Challenge? Well, Fitness Friday posts will track my progress in that challenge, as well as my other weekly exercise activities!


I posed a loose workout plan last Saturday, and here’s what actually went down this week:

ABS Total Week 1: 558

Miles Run: 12.6 mi.

Not too shabby! I had a lot of extra time this week, and it felt really good to do something active every day. Daniel asked last night if we can aim to have one or two days per week where we do something active together, so I’m excited to see what we come up with each week!

Here’s the post for the 3,000 in 35 Abs Challenge: Week 2!

Weekend Schedule for the Coopers:


  • ROONEY (Silas’ best friend) is staying with us over the weekend!
  • Hopefully some yard work, dog park visits and warm summer walks!
  • A recap of some this weeks recipes!
  • Update and organize our Recipes page!
Fitness Friday!

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