Fitness Fridays continued…

Remember last week’s Fitness Friday? I liked it so much, I decided to follow through (for once) and post one this week too!


  • Saturday: 4.8 Mile Run on the Legacy Trail
  • Sunday: 14 mile Bike Ride on the Legacy Trail
  • Monday: Stinkin’ hot outside! 100 Abs
  • Tuesday: “Dirty Bit Encore Workout”
  • Wednesday: “Marine Corps Wokrout” during my lunch break at work; I felt AWESOME during this whole workout! My abs were screaming during this workout, I’m gonna count 200 Abs towards my “3,000 in 35” total!


  • Thursday: 4.5 mile Run and 4 mile Bike on the Legacy Trail
  • Friday: 1 hour Walk with Silas and Daniel!

On another note, Daniel’s former room mate and our friend, Dale, is headed to the great state of Colorado! We’ll miss you Dale, but remember you can always crash on one of our too-short bunk beds whenever you’re in town!


P.S. Mowgli will miss you, a lot. He needs you to promise that you’ll come visit!photo 

Fitness Fridays continued…

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