Delayed Fitness Friday

Betcha thought I forgot about our weekly Fitness Friday post, but here it is!

I guess technically this is a Fitness Saturday, but I don’t care. Let’s pretend it’s Friday again!


  • Saturday: REST! We played at the pool for a while!
  • Sunday: workout- “Marine Corps Workout” (same one as last week, I loved it!) (200 Abs towards weekly total)
  • Monday: 100 Abs and REST!
  • Tuesday: 2 Mile Run Swim- it was SO humid!
  • Wednesday: workout- “What’s my Name?” (80 Abs towards weekly total); Started mowing the grass
  • Thursday: 5 Mile Run (on a treadmill because it is BLAZING hot outside!); Finished mowing the grass; Gave Silas a bath with the hose
  • Friday: REST

Miles Run: 7

Abs: 280 (towards my 3,000 in 35 Abs Challenge)

So, not the most exercise filled week, but it still felt great to move! Plus, I am really, REALLY happy that I did a 5 mile run. I’ve been having trouble with getting in more than 4 or 4.5 miles, so heading to the air-conditioned gym was definitely a good decision to get me out of the heat and HUMIDITY. One negative from that run- my legs are still really stiff, I think that my legs just don’t care for the treadmill too much.

That’s all for this week! Hopefully I’ll figure out a way to log some more miles next week- I suppose that might mean a few visits to the treadmill…

And now, a totally unrelated picture…

See ‘yall later! Look for some fun blog posts including:

  • Ashley’s Birthday Celebration
  • Fun with Matthew
  • New Recipes!
Delayed Fitness Friday

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