Hello! So sorry for ANOTHER delayed Fitness Friday post! Life just gets in the way sometimes doesn’t it? Anyways- it was fun looking through all of the FUN activities this past week! I love exercise, and I love when exercise is fun! I think I’m beginning to learn that I like variety in my workouts, and this week had lots of variety:

  • Saturday: Brazilian Butt Lift and P90X: AbRipperX.
We met up with the lovely Ashley and the Kentucky Fit Club team this Saturday at the Arthur Murray dance studio in Lexington. Our friend Ashley invited us to come to one of the FREE Saturday workouts! The featured workouts this past week were Brazilian Butt Lift and P90X’s AbRipperX. The Brazilian Butt Lift video was full of music, and we got good and sweaty!
I am EXTREMELY uncoordinated, so I looked like a complete bozo trying to figure out how to get my top half to move along with my bottom half in some sort of synchronized rhythm <– didn’t happen. But it was still a good time, and I will not forget the sight of my husband shimmying 🙂 The P90X Ab Ripper was way more “my style”- intense reps of exercises. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any mats, and the hardwood floor at the dance studio was unkind to our backs and hips. We ended up stripping off our shirts so that we could give ourselves a little bit of padding between our bodies and the floor. After the 30 minutes of dancing and after 15 minutes of P90X, we were drenched in sweat- what a perfect way to start a Saturday!
Abs: 330 (yeah!)
  • Sunday: NOTHING! Saturday afternoon we had some friends and family stop by, and on Saturday evening, we headed up with friends Wes and Laura to a wedding in Cincinnati! The wedding was beautiful and HOT- no AC! Anyways- we got back late on Saturday night, we even ended up skipping church on Sunday because we were so tired!
  • Monday: Rest

  • Tuesday: SUPER SWEATY 4 mile run (8:00 pace, yes!). Even though this run was at 9am, I was still dripping when I got back home! And we got to go to a baseball game Tuesday Night with our Life Group!
  • Wednesday: Awesome workout: “300 Reps of Brutality“. I ended up modifying a few of the exercises in the 4th and 5th rounds, My muscles are still sore!
  • Thursday: Nothing! Glorious nothingness!
  • Friday: 20 mile bike ride with the husband! Our dear friends Ashley and David let us borrow Ashley’s bike for the summer (or until Ashley needs it again, she’s 22 weeks pregnant!) I didn’t have to go into work until later, and Daniel has finished his summer classes so we decided it would be fun to do a long excursion on 2 wheels! We biked to the Legacy Trail, and went out to mile marker 9, turned around and headed home. We covered the 20 miles in an hour and 45 minutes (11 mph). It was a blast, I hope we do it again soon!

So nice to have my very own mechanic!

  • Saturday: super awesome exciting RACE RECAP coming up! It deserves it’s own post, so keep your eyes peeled! Midsummer’s Night Run… here I come!
That’s all for this week’s edition of Fitness Fridays with the Coopers!

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