RACE RECAP: A MidSummer Night’s Run 5k

midsummerLast night was the 24th Annual MidSummer Night’s Run, sponsored by Lexington’s very own Central Baptist Hospital. Last night’s race had over 3,700 participants! I think it’s safe to say that we can proudly point out that we’re not ALWAYS the most sedentary city (as pointed out in the June 2011 issue of Men’s Health Magazine- “Where Sit Happens”)

The race was at 8:30 pm, and since we live a mere 1.5 miles from Downtown, I decided to run down to the race as a warm-up! Daniel met me downtown on his bike and held onto my race t-shirt as he watched the race! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but Daniel’s knees don’t like running. It’s not runners knee or any other condition that I’ve ever heard of, they just give him SO much pain when he tries to run Sad smile


Anyways- I am so thankful to have a supportive husband that tells me “YOU CAN DO IT!” I headed down to the race around 8pm, and got a bib and t-shirt. I waited around for Daniel in front of PNC bank and gave him my phone and t-shirt. Vine St. was absolutely overflowing with runners, walkers, strollers and even a few canines. Here’s a map of the 5k course:


Everyone started moving towards the start line around 8:10, and we were packed in like sardines at 8:20. I wanted to make sure I started on the road, I didn’t want to chance stepping off of the sidewalk into a sea of forward-moving people, so I smashed myself in between complete strangers. That’s one of the things I love about running- there’s this instant community that happens. You know that everyone else has the same excitement, and it’s just a neat bond that runners have.

Anyways- the gun went off and I don’t think my section moved for about 30 seconds. I crossed the start pads about a  minute after the gun went off. The first mile was rough- there were SO many people to dodge! I wove in and out of the crowds and finally found a good spot right around mile 1. When I passed the mile 1 marker, I glanced at my watch and it said 7:25 “Oops… I went out WAY too fast. Oh well, I’ll just slow down a bit and see what happens.”

I kept trucking along, passing people and wishing I had started closer to the start line. Dodging people is fun and all, but when you’re half way through the race and you’re still trying to weave between people, it’s not as cool. I passed mile 2 at 14:50. “Nice pace, but I’m really starting to feel it. Goal for the last mile: slow down a bit and finish strong”

One of the great things about the course was that it went right by the Fifth Third Pavilion on Main Street, where live music was playing during the race! I don’t run with headphones (I guess it goes back to not being allowed to wear headphones at practice/races during high school and college), but I do like when there is music being played! Anyways- mile 2-3 was hard. It was hot, about 83 degrees, and I was tired from going out too fast. I drenched myself with a cup of water at one of the water stations and told myself to keep going.

I almost wanted to stop to walk, but I didn’t want to have to tell Daniel that I walked, so I kept my feet moving. I crossed the finish line at 23:37! Daniel managed to snap the following picture just a few seconds after finishing:


I was pretty happy with my time, considering I haven’t really been doing a whole lot of running lately (read: less than 15 miles per week, this week, this was my ONLY run!) And, I was happy to see that my overall pace was 7:36!


I was happy to be finished. I even got to see the wonderful Ashley during the race and at the finish! Hope you found your husband afterwards, Ashley and great job to you both! I also saw my old team mate and friend, Julie at the race. Hi Julie!

The racing bug has bitten, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for another race. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with the ability to run. I had a moment while running down Main Street where I just thanked God for  giving me legs that work, for giving me lungs that breathe, and for giving me the enjoyment I find in running.

Anyways, here are the rest of the stats:

  • Time: 23:37
  • Pace: 7:36/mile
  • Overall Place: 487/3738
  • Age Group Place: 18/262

I changed my shirt and hopped onto a garbage truck (it was super clean!) for one final picture of the night! I really wanted a picture because I looked like Christmas, and if you know me, you know how much I love Christmas!


If you participated last night, you can check out your MidSummer Night’s Run Race Results! Now I’m off to find my next race…

RACE RECAP: A MidSummer Night’s Run 5k

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