A Fitness Class Review and Fun Workouts!

Maybe I should stop pretending that Fitness Fridays won’t really happen every Friday. However, I do plan on continuing regularly posting our workout adventures for the week, with the awesome Fitness Friday logo, just because I want to Smile


At some point, I’ll get Daniel’s activities on here- I know he went bouldering a couple of times, and the man bikes EVERYWHERE. He also stopped in at the gym that I work at once this week, and he did our Saturday workout as well! I love exercising with my husband! (No more shaggy hair!)


  • Sunday: Pure Barre. The gym I work at, Body Structure, is teaming up with Pure Barre to offer packages on Pure Barre Classes and Personal Fitness Training at our gym. My friend Hannah and I decided it would be a good idea to see what Pure Barre is all about so that we would be well-informed to talk about the class with our members! We went on Sunday afternoon to a regular "Pure Barre" class, dressed in Capri pants and barefooted, we got out our equipment: 3lb and 8lb weights, a resistance band, a mat and a small rubber ball. The music was turned up and the instructor started with a quick, heart-pumping warm up. We wasted no time getting to work. (insert quote from Pure Barre website about what Barre is).
  • purebarrelex
  • Since I had just run a 5k the night before, my legs were already pretty tired. We did many reps of each exercise. I’m really not sure how to describe what we did. But I can tell you that it made my legs shake. I can see how some people would really like Pure Barre- I didn’t sweat that much, and I felt like I got in a lot of work in those short 55 minutes.
  • purebarrelex1
  • However, I don’t think that Pure Barre fit my "exercise style". I like pounding on the pavement, I like being out of breath and moving fast (BodyRock.tv workouts). I like yoga and pilates, but Pure Barre just didn’t do it for me. Now, the women in the class had amazing bodies, but I think the whole thing was just a little too "fancy" and ‘choreographed" for me. I also had a difficult time understanding the postures and placement of my limbs (hello lack of self-awareness), and I know that with time, I would probably learn everything.
  • So who would I recommend this class to? Someone with pretty good flexibility, someone looking for an intense yet manageable workout, and probably someone who had a dance background (as I think they would enjoy it more). I am really glad that I got to have an opportunity to experience what Pure Barre is, but I think I’ll just stick with my running and BodyRocking 🙂
  • Monday: HOT and sweaty 3 mile run (super easy)
  • Tuesday: REST!
  • Wednesday: 5 Mile Run on my break (7:50 pace, say what!?)
  • Thursday: REST! (Plus a walk with the puppers later that evening)
  • Friday: Horrid 2 miles in the morning. My body dislikes the morning. Have you ever had your body NOT warm up? That was this run. Stiff lead legs Sad smile I did have a nice walk with Silas though later on that day!
  • Saturday: Workout inspired by BodyRock.tv’s 600 Rep Fat Burner Workout. Done at Lafayette Park in St. Louis, MO (<—more on the mysterious location in our next post!) with our friend Tyler- it was so fun to work out together Ty! We had fun using some of the playground equipment in our workout. It was great working out with the husband and a friend, I think we all got a pretty good workout because we were pushing one another!

Lafayette Park Playground

Here’s the circuit (starting with a 5 minute jog to the park):

  • Jump Lunge & Kick Up- 30 Reps
  • Side Burpee Knee Tuck- 30 Reps (15 each leg)
  • Squats- 30 reps
  • Reverse Push Ups- 30 Reps (The guys did 30 Tricep Dips and Pull Ups as I completed my Reverse Push Ups)
  • Jack Jump Tuck- 30 Reps
  • 3D Push Ups- 30 Reps
  • One Leg Jump Up- 15 Reps per leg
  • Ab Chopper- 30 Reps
  • Reverse Crunch- 30 Reps
  • Tricep Pushup- 20 Reps per Side (The guys banged out another set of Triceps Dips and Pull Ups!)
  • Planks- Side Plank Left, Side Plank Right, Center Plank- all 45 seconds each
  • Jog back!

WOW. Awesome workout, we were all pretty darn hungry and sweaty by the time we got home!

A Fitness Class Review and Fun Workouts!

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  1. […] Tyler and Emily, and one of the places we frequented most was Lafayette Park (the same park where we worked out at on Saturday!) Lafayette Park was beautiful indeed, and it had the most perfect space for the doggies to run […]

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