St Louis- The Food

This will be the final post about our St. Louis adventure. Did you miss a post about our trip?

Let’s recap some of the delicious things we ate on our trip to St. Louis.

For lunch on Friday, we decided to stop at the Jay C Food Stores Grocery in Princeton, Indiana. Jay C is a division of Kroger, so we were happy to see many familiar brands (and prices!)jayc

We bought a “Manager Special” loaf of Udi’s Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread. ($4.59 marked down to $1.90? YES PLEASE! However, I should keep a $1 off Any Udi’s Product Coupon in my purse- this loaf would have cost under a dollar!)

stlou (8 of 19)

We also bought a bit of Lemon Pepper Turkey and some Farmers Cheese at the deli.  We tossed a couple of packets of mustard and ketchup into our bag from the salad bar, and we also picked up some awesome neon-colored Gatorade G2 drinks. We had bananas and peanut butter in the car to round out the meal!

stlou (9 of 19)stlou (10 of 19)

We ate on a flat rock that was outside of the Jay C’s parking lot. Classy. Silas enjoyed a few bowls of water, and we all had a lovely picnic lunch!

Friday night was our first night in St. Louis, and we were all pretty hungry when we headed to Schlafly for dinner.

Breakfast on Saturday morning was light, since Tyler, Daniel and I wanted to get in a workout at the playground at Lafayette Park. We had a “second breakfast” before we headed to the St. Louis zoo on Saturday afternoon.

We should have brought some more snacks along with us on our zoo trip, we were all pretty darn hungry after visiting with all of the animals!

zoo (38 of 38)

A trip to Trader Joe’s was a must- we stocked up on some bananas, peanut butter, 2 Buck Chuck and some chocolate for our personal snack stash. And because Trader Joe’s is awesome- we had numerous free samples including: hot coffee, a free WINE TASTING, and some other yummy things that I can’t remember…We also hit up another grocery, Dierbergs, for the rest of the supplies for lunches and dinners.


On Saturday night, Tyler and Emily made Grecian Steak- thin cuts of Sirloin seared with Greek Spices and Olive Oil, topped with Feta and Olives. We had the Grecian steak alongside some blanched green beans and a glass of red wine.

foods (5 of 28)foods (6 of 28)foods (7 of 28)

However, before the delicious meal was served some high-class munching occurred- some homebrewed beer (made by Tyler and Emily’s friend) and a cheese tasting featuring Manchego Cheese and a Garlicy Salami from Trader Joe’s.

foods (3 of 28)foods (4 of 28)

On Sunday morning, before we headed to church at The Journey (an Acts 29 Church), Tyler had a biscuit craving and he whipped up some delicious homemade biscuits. However, because biscuits are full of gluten, I happily dug into my bowl of oatmeal. We had a wonderful time worshipping together at The Journey, and we had a wonderfully relaxing Sunday. We spent time napping, we spent time by the pool as the boys talked theology, and we had a delicous dinner that I forgot to photograph.

Emily and Tyler made us quick and easy Black Bean Tostadas, but I think everyone would agree that the highlight of the meal was Jack’s Special Fresh Salsa. DELICIOUS.

I think that’s a pretty good wrap up of the meals that we had with our friends- but stay tuned for a delicious Vegetarian Chili recipe tomorrow! One huge last thank you to Tyler, Emily and Apollo for a memorable trip to St. Louis!

St Louis- The Food

One thought on “St Louis- The Food

  1. ericandally says:

    We love, love, love Jack’s Special salsas. I tried making my own salsa this week, but it pales in comparison to the real deal.

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