St Louis- The Schlafly Experience


We had some delicious meals in St. Louis. Ty and Emily love beer (just like Daniel!) and we took advantage of being in the same city as a wonderful microbrewery- Schlafly.

We had dinner on Friday night at the Schlafly Taproom. Everyone except this gluten-free gal started out with some awesome beers.

stlou (14 of 19)stlou (15 of 19)stlou (16 of 19)

Rasperry Coffee Stout, Pale Ale (I’m not sure if that’s correct) and Blueberry Cider

We also had some AWESOME, reasonably priced dishes! I had the Grilled Salmon Salad (baby spinach, AMAZING grilled salmon, red onion, feta and a bacon vinaigrette). Daniel had an amazing “White Pizzetta” with chicken, basil and a garliky cheddar sauce. Tyler had a Roasted Leg of Lamb Sandwich and Emily decided upon the Tap Room Burger. We were all hungry and the food was so delicious! Here is a link to Schlafly’s Tap Room Menu!

We also went to Schlafly again on Sunday- but this time we went to Schlafly Bottleworks! We took a FREE tour of the facility which wrapped up with a FREE beer tasting! Unfortunately, they don’t bottle on Sundays, but we still had a very informative lesson in Schlafly brewing!

foods (8 of 28)foods (9 of 28)foods (10 of 28)

Barley grains used in brewing

foods (11 of 28)foods (12 of 28)

Emily sniffing the two types of Hops

foods (13 of 28)foods (15 of 28)foods (16 of 28)foods (14 of 28)foods (17 of 28)

foods (18 of 28)foods (19 of 28)

Daniel illustrating the difference between ales and lagers.


And finally… taste testing time!

foods (20 of 28)foods (21 of 28)foods (22 of 28)foods (23 of 28)foods (24 of 28)

We had a wonderfully informative and hoppy (pun intended) time at Schlafly!

foods (26 of 28)foods (27 of 28)

Good friends, good beer, good times!

foods (25 of 28)

St Louis- The Schlafly Experience

2 thoughts on “St Louis- The Schlafly Experience

  1. Rhonda Samples Belcher says:

    Well Holly….THANK YOU!!! I definitely learned way more from your short, weekend trip to St. Louis than I’ve ever known before!! I loved hearing about each little thing, and really appreciate your blog. (i need to learn to do that!! I would love it, because I love writing and putting my thots down on paper…I mean on screen.) It looks like you had a wonderful time in St. Louis w/ the dogs, beer, and friends. I’m glad. We head there for the first time to see Ty and Em in a few weeks and I am pumped about seeing them!! Hope you and Daniel are doing well in Lexington.

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