Protein Power Lunch

I just got home from a “Piloxing” class at the fitness center, and I am RAVENOUS! Running 14 minutes to and from the gym, with a 50 minute fitness class sandwiched in between will give a girl an appetite!

I have a brief hour before I have to go to work, so I whipped up a delicious, protein filled pancake!

ProPanckaes (1 of 4)

Head over to Peas and Thank You, where Sarah (affectionately known as “Mama Pea”) used her genius to create some quick and easy protein-packed pancakes!

ProPanckaes (2 of 4)

My alterations to the recipe:

  • I used Chocolate Protein Powder (100% Whey)
  • I added in 1 TBSP cocoa powder to amp up the chocolate flavor
  • I added 1/4 tsp. xanthan gum to help soften the final pancakes
  • I added 1/2 TBSP honey instead of the sweeteners listed in the original recipe

I topped my ‘cakes with a drizzle of honey and a packet of roasted nuts!

ProPanckaes (3 of 4)ProPanckaes (4 of 4) DELICOUS! Okay, off to work. Look for a kombucha post later this weekend!

Protein Power Lunch

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