Five Alive!

Anyone else remember the “breakfast beverage” called Five Alive? My parents never bought it, but I remember slurping down the juicy goodness at friends’ houses after a sleepover (or rather a talk-the-whole-night-over).

Cait from Beyond Bananas and Chelsey from Clean Eating Chelsey recently posted this “5 Things” survey, and I thought I’d share my 5’s with YOU!

Holly’s 5’s

Last 5 People I talked to on the phone (my personal phone, not @ work):

Last 5 Meals I Ate:

Cookies (5 of 11)

  • Rice with flax, PB & J and COFFEE for breakfast
  • Rice cake with Jam (before running)
  • SUPER delicious Frittata and Chocolate Chip Chickpea Bars (above) (dinner last night)
  • Apple and a couple Russel Stover Dark Chocolates (snack yesterday)
  • Leftovers (lunch yesterday)

Last 5 Places I’ve Traveled:

  • Louisville (to hang out with family)
  • Louisville (to hang out with friends)
  • St. Louis (to visit our friends, check out our Schlafly Visit!)
  • Cincinnati (for a Friend’s wedding)
  • Louisville (to hang out with friends AND family)

Next 5 Places I will Go:

  • Nannying
  • Home
  • School
  • Home
  • Work

Last 5 Workouts:

This is from last year’s Turkey Trot!

  • 7.2 miles this morning
  • 7.5 miles on Saturday
  • 3 mile run and YOGA with Ashley on Friday!
  • It’s So On Right Now workout and 1 hour walk on Thursday
  • Wicked Things workout and 1 hour walk on Tuesday

5 Things Making Me Happy:


  • Cooler temperatures!
  • Rekindled passion for running
  • COFFEE and homemade kombucha
  • Snuggling with my hubs
  • Silas

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Five Alive!

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