Running for some Bling!

This weekend, Daniel and I got to participate in Shelia Bayes Second Annual Diamond Dash!

October (1 of 8)

The Diamond Dash is a Scavenger (SCVNGR) hunt that runs all around downtown Lexington. The prize? A $19,000 diamond ring. Cha-ching! Daniel and I had a blast last year, so we decided to run again this year!

Throwback Picture from 2010!

This year was QUITE a bit colder than last year. I believe the high on Saturday was in the 40’s. Brr. I had to sport my Denison University XC gloves (DUXC!)October (2 of 8)

Pre-race! We huddled inside the Courthouse for some needed warmth!October (3 of 8)

Daniel, studying the map (I am extremely directionally challenged…)October (4 of 8)

Game Faces:October (6 of 8)

Creeper picture of a guy with the same jacket as DanielOctober (7 of 8)

Shoes!October (8 of 8)

We raced all around downtown for about two hours! The SCVNGR system sent us a text message with a location, for example (this is an example, not a real question) “Visit the Lexington Public Library, your next clue will arrive shortly!” And then a second text came with the clue “Find the historic plaque out front, what was the profession of Mr. John Smith?” And then you would text back “Historian” or whatever the answer was. Then your next clue came! We were dying for a cup of hot coffee at the end of the race, and fortunately, the lovely ladies at Shelia Bayes Fine Jewelers had some for us!

We didn’t win, but a couple did, and they got engaged! How cute! I’ll try to remember to post any pictures that show up from the professional photographer that was there!

Running for some Bling!

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