A Pink Celebration

These fall weekends have been flying by! I am thankful that we don’t have any plans for this upcoming weekend, we need a chance to just relax in this beautiful autumn weather!ABourbonChase (42 of 57)This past weekend, we got to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby Harrison! You can check out Ashley and David’s blog for some of Ashley’s ADORABLE pregnancy updates! The girls in our life group got together with Ashley’s sister Jen and Ashley’s friend (and super awesome mom) Melissa to throw Ashley a shower. Little Baby H is going to be a girl, so I thought I’d go all “pink” on you for this post!October (15 of 23)October (1 of 23)Easter made this absolutely adorable banner- the inner circles are made from pages of a Harry Potter book! Since the shower was during the peak of fall, Melissa suggested that we use pumpkins as decorations! Look how adorable these are!

October (3 of 23) October (4 of 23) October (2 of 23)October (17 of 23) October (16 of 23)

October (18 of 23) October (19 of 23)

We also had a “make your own hairbow” station. Each guest decorated a little alligator clip with fabric, buttons and ribbon, and when little Baby H arrives, Ashley can choose a hairbow that matches the days outfit! Such a neat idea for a baby shower activity!October (6 of 23) October (7 of 23)

And of course, there was food. And who would I be to not mention food on our blog? My lovely friend Haley made these scrumdiddlyumptious German Chocolate Cupcakes:

October (8 of 23) October (9 of 23) October (10 of 23)

Are you drooling yet?

October (11 of 23) October (12 of 23)

(Almost Doctor) Easter made this super yummy pumpkin dip (I need to get the recipe!) Haley also made her should-be-famous Spinach and Artichoke dip!

October (14 of 23) October (13 of 23)

I was super boring and brought the veggies (including MORE tomatoes from the garden), and I made a pretty tasty dip that didn’t really get eaten (more for us!) I used the Thrive Foods recipe for Live Avocado Goddess Sauce that Mama Pea posted over at Peas and Thank You. Since I messed with the pictures, you can’t really see the ‘greenness’ of the dip (which may have scared people), but I thought it was pretty tasty!

After a few great games, it was gift time, and then our life group FINALLY got a picture together! Thank you Melissa!


A Pink Celebration

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