Random Photos

I’ve been seriously slacking in the blogging department lately. To be honest, Daniel and I are starting to get a little run down over doing THE. SAME. EXACT. THING. week in and week out. I’m struggling with a general lack of drive and motivation for anything outside of what’s already on my schedule. Hoping these “blahs” will go away after this weekend. I made a great to-do list with things I need to do (projects for school), and things I want to do (2 runs this weekend, find some new recipes for the week, etc).

By the way- if you want to read an awesome post, like SERIOUSLY awesome, head over to Clean Eating Chelsey and read her “I’m Sorry I’m not Sorry” post. AWESOME.

So, before signing off, I thought I’d leave you with a collection of pictures from my cell phone! We still live in the “dark ages”- we have no internet on our phones, and we have pretty crappy cameras on our phones. Sorry to make you suffer with these low-quality photos!


This is the little boy I nanny for. He likes putting trash cans on his head. He is awesome.


This is our new kitchen faucet. Not fancy, but now we have hot water for the winter!


Daniel got rear-ended by a car a few weeks ago. The girl who hit him reluctantly gave him cash for the repair, and Daniel was OK. WATCH OUT FOR BIKERS AND RUNNERS!


This was me showing of my recently-dipped bling. Don’t’ worry, I was still in our driveway when I took this picture.


This was Silas at his recent Vet appointment. He looks a little bugged out…


This is our “new” kitchen table that we found on the side of the road. I love free stuff.


Here are the animals cuddling.


Silas with his now-demolished stuff-less squeaky toy.


Silas with a muddy face after a visit to the Dog park


Silas in the car, probably headed to the Dog park


Squash from the summer. I still have some in my freezer, but it’s nothing compared to FRESH zucchini!


Baby Silas Smile This is when he was about 9 weeks old, his first day with us!


Daniel feeding Baby Mowgli the first day that we found him!

Random Photos

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