5 on Friday

It’s the end of the week! Well… almost. I’ve got software training at work this afternoon, and Daniel and I are volunteering at this years’ Jesus Prom! Then I work Saturday morning, but as of 1:30pm on Saturday afternoon- the weekend will begin! I made a mile long to-do list this afternoon, and it will be great to check some things off over the weekend!

I really, really want to be a more consistent blogger, but some weeks I’ve just got to realize that writing a post just isn’t going to happen! Fortunately, I’ve snapped a lot of great photos this week, and that always makes blogging easier for me! For today’s post, we’re going to do 5 on Friday! Here are 5 things that have happened this week.

1. Fitness Fridays! I’ve totally been slacking on making an actual Fitness Friday post, so here’s a quick recap of workouts this week!FitnessFriday

  • Sunday- Daniel did his very first interval workout! He did 8×400 (actually 0.27miles) at a super speedy pace (he was aiming for 6:30, but the boy ran right at 6:18 pace!) My tummy was WEIRD, so I got to be coach Smile
  • Monday- Daniel inspired me, so I set out to do a speed workout of my own- I made it 7x400m, on that last 400m repeat I felt like I was going to puke, so I called it a day at 7. I was pretty proud- I did 1:44/1:45 for almost every single interval (except for the last one- 1:50). 6:30 pace? I’ll take it!
  • Tuesday- Early morning run with the Striders. Gretchen and I split off from the group and ended up covering about 7 miles!
  • Wednesday- THIS WORKOUT posted by the lovely Tina over at Faith, Fitness, Fun. I misunderstood the workout- so I did both parts (supposed to be done on separate days). I guess that’s a good “oops?”. 10 reps of each exercise in each circuit.

Making The Cut Circuit One (Push Focus)image

Making The Cut Circuit Two (Pull Focus)image

  • Thursday- REST DAY! Took a nice stroll with the pup and biked to class. Thought about running early with the Striders, but my bed was too warm Smile
  • Friday- TBA
  • Saturday- TBA

That ended up being WAY longer than I thought, so here are the rest of the “5 on Friday”!

2. We grew catnip in our garden (<—check out that old garden post!)IMG_0094Mowgli found the catnip in the garden a few weeks ago after Daniel cleared out the brush.october-25Mowgli also found the catnip that I was trying to dry.


Mowgli has catnip issues.


3. I’ve got an enchilada recipe coming your way, here’s a preview:


4. Perks of living in a house owned by your grandparents? Random gifts left at your door:


5. Daniel brought our electric heater down from the attic. That man knows what his cold intolerant wife needs! (throwback picture!)Happy Friday Everyone!

5 on Friday

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