Happy December!


December is one of my FAVORITE months! Want to know all of the wonderful things that are happening this December?


  • The Semester Ending!!!!!!
  • My Birthday (the 28th)
  • Work Christmas Party
  • Friends Christmas Party
  • My Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Jesus’ Birthday
  • Matthew (the brother) comes to stay with us!
  • Visiting Family and Friends
  • Opening our 99 cent Advent Calendars from Trader Joe’s
  • Seeing Christmas Lights on a run
  • My Birthday
  • Christmas Service at Church
  • Wrapping gifts (I actually loathewrapping, but, it’s a once-a-year kind of thing)
  • Putting up the tree!
  • Edited to add: David and Ashley welcoming their baby girl sometime this month!!!


Obviously, this list could go on and on and on…. I’m actually a little bit ashamed that we don’t have our tree up yet, but these next few weeks are just a little bit crazy around the Cooper household. SaltedCaramel-9Silas and I took a walk the other day to gather some festive ‘décor’ from none other than mother nature, take a look!


I also hung up our homemade stockings, so at least the family room feels a little bit more merry!



Happy December everybody and Goodbye from Pico, the Christmas cat.TurkeyDay-60

Happy December!

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