Celebrate Good Times…

…Come on!

We’re counting down the days until finals are OVER!

Reasons to celebrate (as if you need any reason to celebrate!)

 (picture from justbeer.wordpress.com)

  • The Husband just finished the GRE!
  • Tomorrow is Wednesday (aka almost to the weekend!)
  • We’re taking a CIRCUS CLASS this weekend! I’m excited
  • Our Christmas shopping is 90% done! Now we just need to decide what we want to do for one another…
  • Chelsey from Clean Eating Chelsey promised to not stop making soup, here’s the proof:


  • I started Jamie Eason’s LiveFit 12 week Training Program, and I’m loving it so far! I first read the LiveFit program this on Meals and Moves, a fabulous blog written by the equally fabulous Janetha.
  • My right leg has been acting strange. One day, my proximal hamstring hurt (aka hamstring near my rear), so I took a week off of running. It started hurting after the YMCA Turkey Trot. I did a test run last Friday, and my gait was off. No pain, no real tightness, but I just felt kind of awkward and my right leg just sort of ‘flopped’ for lack of a better term. I still got in about 3 miles, but they were just strange feeling. SO- that is all to say that I’m celebrating the fact that my no running days have coincided with nasty weather days! I got lucky!
  • Silas is cute.

  • Tina, who used to blog over at Faith, Fitness, Fun recently took a huge step of faith to start blogging at Best Body Fitness! She’s a super awesome woman of God, mom and personal trainer! And, she’s SUPER relatable, I definitely recommend clicking over and saying “Hi” to Tina!
  • It’s bedtime!

Have a wonderful time celebrating the little things in life! (And the husband would suggest drinking a Sierra Nevada 2011 Celebration Ale to celebrate as well!)

Celebrate Good Times…

3 thoughts on “Celebrate Good Times…

    1. Yes! I saw it on Meals and Moves, and It’s been a great way (for the past 2 weeks, at least) to get strength training into my routine! And, I like not having to “think” about making or finding a routine 🙂 Keep working on those PT moves! If you lived in KY, you could come to PT at the gym I work at!

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