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Somehow 12 days went by without a single blog post. Oops!
Finals are finished, Christmas shopping is complete, and we’re enjoying our last few days of work before CHRISTMAS this weekend!

(picture of a Breakfast Date Daniel and I had on Monday morning!)

Our dear friends Ashley and David welcomed little baby Lydia to the world on December 16th- check out David and Ashley’s blog to read all about Ashley’s pregnancy and Lydia’s birth announcement!

While David and Ashley were in the hospital, their dog, Rooney, came over to keep Silas entertained!

My brother, Matthew is staying with us for a few days. If you read “He Said My Name“, I am happy to say that Matthew is opening up more and more. Daniel and I have both had good conversations with Matthew and it just makes my heart so happy to see him coming out of his shell! Love that kid!

Just wanted to ‘pop’ in to say hello! Hopefully I’ll get some new recipes/workouts/posts up on the blog over the break, but I’m not going to stress if it doesn’t happen 🙂 Hanging out with family and friends is where it’s at!

AND- special shoutout to super-athlete Erika over at– she just had a major hip surgery and she’s in the process of recovering and rehabbing, so send her some love!




Latest News

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