My Running Shoes

Hope that everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas celebration! We sure did! Family, friends, good food and the Holidays. What more does one need?

I have a slight addiction to Brooks Adrenaline running shoes. Ever since I started running, Brooks have been my shoe of choice. I started out as a SUPER pronator (ankles rolling inward), so my running store in Louisville fitted me into Brooks Ariels. They sort of look like grandma shoes with brighter colors, no?


After strengthening my knees and ankles after my first season of cross country in High School, I graduated to the Brooks Adrenaline line. Actually, almost our entire high school girls XC team wore Brooks! I just realized that I’ve been wearing Brooks (both racing and training shoes) since 2004!! Wow!

Here is my current “collection”, one of these pairs does not belong…


My knees and back and hips and ankles are SO happy to have received a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11’s for Christmas.

Running friends, it’s time to cringe. I haven’t had a new pair of running shoes since the summer of 2009. Daniel bought me a new pair of Brooks before I went to Kenya for 3 months in 2009. Granted, I didn’t run a whole lot in 2009 or 2010, BUT, that was the last time that any new running shoes were on my feet… YIKES


Top to Bottom: Brooks 11’s (Christmas 2011), Brooks 8’s (2008 XC season), Brooks 9’s (2009 Track Season), Brooks 8’s (Summer 2009).

The 9’s gave me a TERRIBLE blister on the inside of my arch this past summer (I think I wore the wrong socks), so they’ve been retired for a while even though the tread isn’t too bad…



Then I wore the Brooks 8’s from my 2008 XC season for a while, but I just don’t really like the way that they feel. Weird.



The shoes I’ve been wearing the most often are the shoes that Daniel got me right before I left for Kenya in 2009. I wore them for the Bourbon Chase, and they’re the shoes I’ve been training in for most of the summer and fall. As I mentioned before, not a whole lot of running happened in 2009 and 2010, but I used these shoes for lots of everyday activities as well.



Holy moly. I did not realize that I had worn through the rubber on the bottom of my shoe until after my 2011 Turkey Trot race. I think I posted that my right hamstring was acting a little bit funky during the race, and one of the Therapists at work said that I had a minor hamstring pull. How could I NOT have a minor injury with shoes that look like this! (I even wore a hole in the upper of my right shoe)

It was super fun to receive a new pair of running shoes for Christmas, partly because I forgot what the bottom of a shoe SHOULD look like!!!



One more comparison:


My joints are happy again, and I have a few pairs of shoes to donate! I’ll probably hang on to the pair that is the most worn through for my summer mowing shoes, but the other ones will go to a shoe drive!

One last “bad runner” item that I need to get off of my chest: I’ve been wearing the SAME shoe inserts since I started running. Back in 2004. I’ve never ever bought another pair. Exhibit A:


I think I’ll try running with the inserts that came with this new pair of shoes, but if I don’t like the way they feel, I’ll probably slip in my 6 year old inserts back into my brand new kicks. Maybe next year for Christmas I’ll get a new pair of inserts Smile

To congratulate you for making it through this post, here is a picture of Silas:


My Running Shoes

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