24 Years Ago

This is pretty much the same post I put up last year, but I’m scooting off to work so I didn’t have time to write a new one!

Today is the first day of the 24th year of my life, here are a few throwback pictures:

baby1 baby2 baby3 baby4
baby5 baby6 baby7
baby8 baby9 kid1kid2 kid3 kid4

I got to celebrate my birthday with both of our families while we were visiting over Christmas, and here are a few extra pictures from the celebration at my mom’s house! My sister, Maggie, has a birthday in February, but she won’t be home again until spring break. So, we decided to celebrate BOTH of our birthdays!!!

DQ Ice Cream Cake is the bomb. The only part i can’t eat is the cookie layer in the middle, but if the cake is cold enough, you can dissect the delicious fudgey layer from the cookie layer. YUM

Tonight’s birthday plans are simple: Daniel is cooking dinner, we’ll have some wine, and I think we’ll probably rent a free movie from Redbox with my birthday promo code. Life is good! Have a great day friends!

24 Years Ago

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