Things my Grandpa Says

*Edited to add a few more e-mails that Daniel found in his inbox!*

My grandfather is a funny guy. He’s always busy doing something or another, and he always brings up the (seemingly) most random topics to talk about. He’ll say to me “Holly Bee, do you remember the garden of Mrs. So-and-So that was one or two houses down on the left from your house in Winston Salem, North Carolina?” (I was like 2 years old when we lived there.) Or “Do you remember the time that Grandma Betty and I came to stay with you for a week when your parents were out of town?” To this story, Grandma always adds “And we carried your potty seat in the back of the car?” (Again, I was under the age of two.)


We call my grandpa “Poopaw”, and I have no clue why we started calling him that. I think I’ll just continue to call him grandpa in this post so you don’t weirded out by seeing “POOPAW” written all over the blog…

He’s still sharp as a tack for his age- he’s almost 90 years old! WOW!

And now…. some phone calls and e-mails for your reading pleasure:

A phone call:

Holly, if you aren’t home, this is probably not gonna help. But maybe wherever you are, on Channel 18 is the people with dogs like Silas doing tricks at a Dog Show. And there’s a lot of dogs there that look like their closely related to Silas and they’re doing all sorts of things you know, it’s a really great show.


may i borrow mogli carrier for 2 days ? Hat lady on Della drive caught a raccoon in her wire trap Friday night. They took him to a park near airport.

recently lost my knee-pads (14 years) perhaps near little storage building. Save if you or dan. should see. I really miss them. Call and I will come , many grandma requests on hold because old sore bony knees require protection.

Subject: P.C. Working

-send messages quick before it quits again !

dear h.bee:  Please send top three or more  things that Silas prefers to do for day time games.Does he have nap time ? If so what hours are preferred ?

dear holly b. we need a mower check soon. remove and sharpen blade clean filter etc. I don’t have a dan cooper address any more ?

Please print for me: 









Keep doors locked and teach Silas to bark when stranger approches .With dan. in house extra security is needed especially if strangers are ladies. Next time you all come to leawood please bring Silas so B.J. can see examples of his new teachings. An indoor demo. would be especially interesting for both of us and appreciated. The date will then be known as SILAS APPRECIATION DAY!

Dan is the delux model in the limited edition catogory. Chances of any more being made is extremely remote.

thinking a recent visit from col. gas ,the cover was not replaced properly so check each time to be sure they “don’t forget”. Your dad says gluten free oats was a good thing so it will keep if not opened . Will dan eat some ? Turkey was extra super but so is FRESH fish rabbit ,squirrel etc. I will never believe all pilgrims ate or liked the same things. (nor indians)Deer or bear could be tasty too if properly seasoned and roasted. If Dan had been there he could have solved any problems concerning the prepartion or cooking.

Anyways, we love “Poopaw” and Grandma too. I thought it would be fun to share some of the silly things my grandpa say Smile Enjoy your Monday!


Things my Grandpa Says

4 thoughts on “Things my Grandpa Says

  1. Rhonda Samples Belcher says:

    O.K. these were HILARIOUS and you are the luckiest Granddaughter alive!! Enjoy this Poopaw all the live long day!!!! 🙂

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