Fantastic Fitness Friday!

Happy Friday! Workouts this week have been great, but kind of boring so I won’t ramble on and on about them! I did a video blog where I talked (for nearly 9 minutes) about my experience with the LiveFit trainer, but I posted it at a weird time on Monday, so you may have missed it! Check it out!

I was meeting my friend Gretchen at the gym after class today, but I realized that I forgot my shoes. My friend, Erika, was brave enough to work out in her Uggs this week- but I decided to bike back home after class to retrieve my shoes. I was a little irritated that I had to bike back home and then BACK to campus, BUT- I got in 40 minutes total of bike riding, so I didn’t have to do any cardio at the gym 🙂 Hooray!

Recycled sweaty "Excited" picture from this summer!

Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Shoulder
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Chest, Abs and Cardio
Wednesday: Legs after Work
Thursday: Arms, Abs and Cardio
Friday: Back, Rear Delts and Cardio

Daniel and I actually have plans this weekend! We’re doing some kind of date night tonight- we’ll probably go out to dinner or use our LivingSocial coupon we just purchased:

I know the lovely Kate at A Healthy Passion also purchased the deal. Wine is good. I know Lindsay from Cotter Crunch would agree too 🙂

Tomorrow we are going to cheer on the Cats with Gretchen and her boyfriend at a local restaurant! Yay for actually getting out of the house and hanging out with friends on the weekend!

We’ll get in some grocery shopping and I’ll do some cooking for the week. Sunday we’ll go to church and my dad will actually be in town!

Yippee! Have a great weekend!!!


Fantastic Fitness Friday!

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