This has been a blessed week.

My grandmother had surgery on Wednesday to remove a couple of tumors, and the surgery went well. We’re still not sure about the results of the biopsies, but we are very glad that she is recovering well.

A few days before the surgery, my dad asked my grandmother (his mom) if she knew where she stood with God. She said she didn’t know, and my dad asked her if she wanted to be certain. She said yes, and my dad had the opportunity to share the plan of salvation with her and she accepted Christ into her heart!

We also had a prayer answered this week about Matthew, my younger brother. Matthew recently got a “Talk” plan added to his phone (he only had texting before). Anyways, Matthew has had some WONDERFUL phone conversations with us and the rest of my family. We are so thankful that Matthew is becoming more comfortable with communicating! Matthew has also ordered for himself at restaurants twice in the last week. This is huge. Not only is Matthew becoming more comfortable with speaking to us, but he is also becoming more independent! As a cherry on top, my mom said that Matthew’s teachers have been noticing an improvement in his social and communication skills at school too!

We are also thankful that our family and friends are healthy, and we are immensly blessed to be a part of our wonderful church. If you’re looking for a church in Lexington, we would love to see you at Southland Christian Church. Even if you’re not local, I would encourage you to watch some of the latest messages (click on the “Watch and Listen” tab). They are powerful messages that challenge all of us as Christians.


2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Uncle Kevin says:

    Hey Holly,

    Your Uncle Kevin just opened a twitter account. After learning my son-in-law had one I thought “why not” so I opened one. I am happy to hear your Grandma received Christ and is doing well after the surgery. Also happy to hear Mathew is conversing more. I pray that God continues blessing you, your husband, and your family.

    Uncle Kevin

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