Cooking with the Coopers

Cooking actual meals hasn’t been a regular activity in our house in quite some time. I’ve had quite the range of aversions during this pregnancy. Saturday was the first time in nearly 2 months when I ate peanut butter and had some coffee (decaf). For a few weeks, I lived off of potatoes, dry cereal and cottage cheese. Vegetables and fruits were MIA for a while, and the smell of garlic made me cringe. When the aversions were at their peak, preparing the “raw” ingredients to cook a meal was completely unappealing. While the end product sounded good, I had absolutely NO desire to actually make the meal. I ate almost an entire pack of (nitrate free) bacon one week, and I made the same sandwich (cheese, tomato, bacon, mustard) 4 times in that week. As the weeks have passed, the aversions have lessened, and my appetite has returned to a more “normal” place.

In honor of a returning appetite and a desire to feed this growing baby well, I have made a return to cooking!!! And, in honor of spring break, Daniel is actually able to help me eat some of the meals! (Usually, he eats lunch and dinner on campus because he gets free meals for working ON campus.)

On Saturday, I made Kalyn’s Stuffed Cabbage Casserole that was posted on

Picture from

I subbed ground turkey for the ground beef, and only put cheese on half (I didn’t really think the cheese added too much in terms of flavor). We made the entire recipe (10 servings) and froze half! I’m glad to have a nutritionally balanced meal waiting for me in the freezer if I’m ever short on time!

On Sunday morning, I whipped up some Gluten Free Buckwheat Pancakes that Angela posted at Oh She Glows.

Picture from

I made a few subs in this recipe as well: I used canned pumpkin in place of the mashed banana (about 1/4c.), I used 1% milk instead of almond milk, I used 2TB of sugar in place of the maple syrup, and I didn’t add vanilla bean or blueberries. These pancakes were DELICIOUS! Daniel thought they had that “gluten free taste”, but he agreed that the texture was pretty good! No more hockey-puck pancakes, yay!!

On Monday, I’m making another recipe, Chicken, Shittake and Wild Rice Soup.

Photo from


The only substitutions I’m making in this recipe are: omitting the flour (I’ll see how thick it is, I may do a cornstarch thickener at the very end if it needs a little bit of oomph), and I’m using baby Portabella mushrooms (sauteed with the onion) in place of Shiitake (they were $2 cheaper at the grocery store).

I’m planning on making a grilled Miso-Talapia recipe with grilled asparagus, and if anything is photo worthy, I’ll post it! We’re happy to be eating more normal meals, I pray that my appetite stays normal and that my aversions continue to subside!

Have a great week!

Cooking with the Coopers

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