The First Trimester

Well, time has flown by and I’m nearly out of the first trimester of our pregnancy! Different sources say that the first trimester ends at 13 weeks (today) and some say it ends at 14 weeks! I wanted to go ahead and get this post up because I’ve been writing it FOREVER! I’m going to “theme” each week and then give a quick rundown of any “noteworthy” symptoms/thoughts of that week. Sound good?

I’m also doing a “good food/bad food” list as a way to recap the foods that I did and didn’t care for that particular week! Just wanted to throw in a disclaimer that I don’t think that the “Bad” foods are Bad! They just happened to make my stomach churn on those particular weeks!

Week 6: We’re Pregnant?!

Baby is the size of a Pea!

This is the week we found out we were pregnant! Click over to this post to read about how we found out that we were expecting our little one!


Good Foods:
Eggs, Chicken, Cottage Cheese
Pureed veggies (veggie soups)
Potatoes, dry cereal, gluten free bread
Greek Salads (probably the only “whole” veggies I ate all week)

“Bad” Foods:
Peanut Butter
Vegetables (most)

How I’m Feeling
Nauseous if I don’t eat every 1.5-2 hrs. Eating is the last thing that I wanted to do when I felt really bad, but it was really the ONLY thing that would help when I was feeling so icky. My chest is really tender this week (taking off a shirt hurts). Hoping this mellows out soon!

I attempted a strength workout the day before we found out we were pregnant and it just wasn’t going well. I went on a couple of runs/walks this week, but that nausea was pretty humbling.

Week 7: Week of Nausea, part 2.

Baby is the size of a Blueberry!

It’s so weird having a little secret that only a few people know! I’ve wanted to tell so many people that we’re expecting, but I’ll bite my tongue for a little while longer! We went to our first prenatal appointment this week!


Good Foods:
Veggies incorporated into other meals, V8 juice
Carbs (potatoes, gluten free bread, cereal)
Homemade Veggie Sushi

“Bad” Foods:
Peanut Butter

How I’m Feeling
Aside from the existing food aversions, I’m feeling good! I took 3 naps this past week, but I haven’t been SUPER tired yet!

I got in a really good incline-walk on the treadmill at the gym! It was 30 minutes, 4mph, and inclines varying from 4-11 (I don’t know if that’s like level 4 or if it’s a 4% incline, who knows). I also did a 45 min workout video from Netflix: Crunch: Total Resculpt. Not too difficult, but I just wanted to mooooove!

Week 8: We See Baby!

Baby is the size of a Raspberry!

We got an ultrasound this week (on Valentine’s Day!) I had originally guesstimated that we were at 6 weeks, but the ultrasound on V-day had little baby at 7 weeks and 4 days 🙂 It was actually great to know that I was a little further along, I’m hoping that means I have a shorter amount of time that I’ll be feeling icky! My cousin, Donna works at the office where I see my doctor (Hi Donna!) We also told our families this week that there was a little one on the way!

Good Foods
Salty, Carby things (potatoes with salt, hashbrowns, toast with butter)
Normal foods (veggies, cheese, fruits”

“Bad” Foods
Peanut butter (unless it is in puppy chow)
The smell of eggs (at night)

How I’m Feeling
Mornings are great! No more nausea (knock on wood) during the daytime! Evenings have been a bit rougher. My stomach feels upset and bloated and just icky in general. I’m also pretty tired. 8:30 bedtimes are what my body wants (in addition to an afternoon nap), but, that’s not really an option due to work, so I guess I’ll just keep trucking along.

Let’s think-I took a couple of walks with the dog, and I’ve been trying to walk to/from class (50mins). Other than that, not much. I really do want to incorporate more strength training, but my energy levels are so low in the evening that I just crash.

Week 9: Week of Sickness

Baby is the size of a Grape!

Well, week 9 started off on a pretty pitiful note. I came down with a 24 hour flu (fever and bad body aches) and stayed in bed almost all day. I felt better on Friday, but I started getting a cough on Saturday and laryngitis set in on Sunday and Monday. I woke up 6 times on Sunday night coughing. I wasn’t planning on waking up 6 times during the night until the baby was actually here… but my body had other plans.

9weeksGood Food:
Barbara’s All Natural Cheese Puffs (basically, more natural Cheetos. But way more delicious)
Cheese and tomato sandwiches (We went to Great Bagel on Sunday after church, and I had an amazing “Cheese Toast” sandwich on a gluten-free onion bagel (cheese, mustard, tomato slices and bacon.) I made the sandwich 4 times this week)
Bacon (nitrate-free, I ate almost the entire package!)

What I’m Not Eating
Peanut butter

How I’m Feeling
Evenings continue to be rough, and I’ve been sick most of this week. I had some 24 hour flu thing (fever, body aches), and although the flu like symptoms were gone, my energy was LOW. Then I got some laryngitis thing, I’m just now talking normally 6 days later! I am thankful for Tylenol and Nyquil (my doc said it was ok!)

I did a 15 min strength training routine at home that hit all of the major body parts! I did each of the 15 exercises for a minute each (after a good warmup, of course). My legs HURT on Monday! I’ve had a couple of walks, but that sickness stuff really knocked me out!

Week 10: Feeling Good!

Baby is the size of a Kumquat!

Things really started to turn around this week! I didn’t feel as sleepy during the daytime, and my bedtime was 9 or 9:30 instead of 8:30! I totally forgot to write down facts about this week as it passed, but it was pretty uneventful! We visited some family in Columbus this weekend, and I was SO thankful to not have to really worry about nausea ruining a trip!

We totally forgot about taking a picture this week!

Crazy Pregnancy Hormones

I was calling for Silas to come back inside one night (it was probably raining) and he wasn’t coming. Now, I usually call for him a few times and he’ll come sprinting I got so frustrated that I almost stared crying. Daniel came out and used his “man voice” to call Silas back inside so I held back the tears. I’ve never been a HUGE crier, but I definitely find myself getting frustrated and angry more often than I used to.

Week 11: Peanut Butter, how I have missed Thee

Baby is the size of a Lime!

This week, I also reintroduced PEANUT BUTTER and COFFEE (half-caffeinated or decaf) into my diet! I’m still feeling like my NORMAL self!!! My energy levels are definitely picking back up, and most of my food aversions are gone!!


This was also our Spring Break, and it was SO nice to have a break from class (although I still had to work). We also got to catch up with friends this week, and we both realized that we need much more social time built into our schedules!


Workouts are definitely something to mention this week! On Tuesday, I met up with one of my friends, Lela who is EXACTLY 2 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy! We met at the Arboretum and walked and talked about all things baby 🙂 On Wednesday, I took a short walk before work with the pup around the ‘hood. Friday’s weather was kind of icky, so I opted to stay in and do a Gabrielle Reese- The Complete Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Workout Video. Each 15-minute session coincides with your month of pregnancy, so with the warm-up and Months 1 and 2, it was a nice 45 minute workout! HOWEVER- I wouldn’t suggest purchasing this video. There is a trainer working with Gabrielle and he hands her all of the equipment she needs (without giving you much time to get it). I like videos that say “You’ll need: an exercise ball, light dumbbells, heavier dumbbells and a resistance band.” I was scrambling to get each item. It was a good workout, but I just didn’t like how they didn’t give you a whole lot of information.

Week 12:

Baby is the size of a Plum!

We made our first baby-purchase today!


Daniel and I went out to Babies R Us to look at cribs, swings, strollers, etc. (aka things we’ve never had to think about before). We stopped in at a consignment store (Once Upon a Child) and browsed their selection of all things baby. We purchased a Baby Bjorn carrier for $25!!! (We saw that at Babies R Us, it was going for $80!). Daniel actually spotted the one that we purchased- it is made of a mesh material, so hopefully that will keep baby (and mom or dad) cool on our family walks next spring! When we got home, we decided we needed to test out the carrier with a little added weight, so we plopped Mowgli (the cat) inside. He really didn’t seem to mind!


On Saturday, I headed out to the Arboretum to take advantage of the BEAUTIFUL spring day we were having! I did a walk/run for 4 miles. I warmed up with 5 minutes of walking and then would run for ~1 minute. I would walk until I felt like I wanted to run again (probably 2-3 minutes) and then I would run again. It felt great to get sweaty, and my mood was SO much better from getting some fresh air and MOVEMENT!

Growing Belly


Pounds Gained: -4 (still down a few pounds from my ‘pre-pregnancy’ weight)

Clothes that Fit: Everything except for 1 bra and 1 pair of pants that were snug to begin with

Body Changes: Well, one bra doesn’t fit anymore… and my lower abdomen has definitely started to round a bit. After a big meal (or just at the end of the day), my belly definitely sticks out. Still going to the bathroom 3x per night.

I’m planning on doing weekly posts from here on out, is there anything that you all want to see?

The First Trimester

14 thoughts on “The First Trimester

  1. Marcee ..... ILLINOIS says:

    Newbie here!

    You are doing really well Holly!

    Very fun (educational too!) following the days, weeks & months of your baby-bump. As the days pass, you will do better and better. Trust me!

    Yep …. I couldn’t tolerate coffee, zero meats (I only eat organic chicken roasted/grilled to perfection …. sometimes turkey also) or spicey stuff. My favs were definitely soups and unsalted crackers. Gluten free are very good!

    Best of Holly …. Silas and Mowgli are adorable.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Jen Davis says:

    Hey guys, it’s Jen Davis! Let me just say John and I are so excited for you all. Children truly are a blessing om the Lord. Also crying was also my reaction when I found out I was pregnant. Owen was not part of OUR plan but definitely part of GOD’s. Holly, you are doing so well. 2nd trimester I felt great, I hope you will too. God bless!

  3. Kevin and Kathy Nickel says:


    We are sooooo excited for you and Daniel. Being a grandparent is such a great blessing and experience! By the way, we have a carseat that Walter has grown out of, if you or your mom want to borrow it. I don’t think we will have another newborn in our family for awhile. Love you guys!

    Love aunt Kathy and uncle Kevin

    1. We would love to borrow the car seat! That was actually one of the “bigger” items I was thinking about putting on a list for a family baby shower, but if we could borrow one, that would be great!!! Love you guys too and hope to see you soon!
      -Holly and Daniel

    1. ha ha thank you 🙂 well, it kind of surprised us as well… don’t feel left out 🙂 hoping that this spring and summer brings great races and good health to you both!

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