Mini-Coop: Week 14

Baby is as long as a lemon!

We’re officially in the second trimester! I cannot believe 1/3 of this pregnancy is already over! (Well, I can believe it since we didn’t know for 6 weeks that I was pregnant.) This week (much like the last) wasn’t really characterized by any particular symptoms! Whoo! I had a few restless nights, but it wasn’t anything a few early nights couldn’t help!

14weekindivHow I’m Feeling

Aside from those few restless nights, great! I’ve enjoyed taking some long walks this week and I’m glad that spring has sprung! I also did this awesome upper body workout that my pal Kate at A Healthy Passion posted!
I grew out of my first piece of clothing. I had purchased this dress back in October/November and I was hoping that it would be my “summer wedding” dress, but… I can only zip it up about halfway. My pants are starting to feel a little tight around the rear, but they still fit!


Food Likes this Week

I am so glad that my normal appetite is back!!! We made a boatload of homemade pico de gallo last weekend and I couldn’t get enough of that tomato-ey/oniony/limey goodness! That salsa went on eggs, on rice cakes, on rice and on salads. Delish. I am also LOVING lemons/limes right now! My favorite accompaniment to lunch has been a spinach salad dressed with some olive oil, lemon juice and salt. It’s hard to believe that nary a vegetable passed my lips for almost 2 weeks in the beginning!

Other Updates

We visited the doctor this week, baby’s heart sounds great at 147 beats per minute (it was 163bpm 4 weeks ago).

Total weight gain at 14 weeks=0 lbs.
I’m back at my “pre-pregnancy” weight! I lost a few pounds when I was first pregnant (week 6-12), but I’m back up to where I was!

I have like 4 pregnant friends right now! We’re all pretty close together in due dates (I think we start in Mid September and go through Mid October). It’s so exciting to know other ladies and their husbands who are going through the same things!

Mini-Coop: Week 14

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