Mini-Coop: Week 15 and Life Updates

Sorry for the delay in a post! We’ve been living it up this weekend! First up, the Life News (and then baby-talk)


Daniel graduates in May, and he’s been applying for jobs, graduate programs and the like for a while now. He has some great interviews, and he was offered a position at one of the companies he applied to! We really weren’t thinking that we would be moving, but Daniel loved the company so much (and got a TON of positive feedback from employees at the company during his interview), so after his interviews, we were really hoping that he would be offered a position, and he was!


God has some mysterious ways of working. If you had asked us 6 months ago where we would be this summer, we definitely would not have said “pregnant and moving”. BUT- God has coordinated and orchestrated these big events in our life so perfectly, that we can only give our thanks and praise to Him! We’ll be moving up at the end of the summer (I’ve got a few summer classes to knock out, I’d love to get as many classes out of the way before mini-coop arrives!)

We’re pretty excited to have “normal” lives (aka not both of us in school, working 1 or more part-time jobs), and although our time here in Lexington has been great, we’re ready to start our “adult” lives!

Ok…. now on to baby talk 🙂

Baby is as long as a navel orange!



Still feeling great! I did take one pregnancy-emergency nap this week (I had to skip a class, oops!). But I’ve felt really good! I still kind of hit a “wall” around 8 or 8:30pm, and I’ve just got to lay down. But, I don’t really mind, it’s been really nice to kind of unwind earlier in the evening anyways! There’s been an obvious change in belly size this week, so that’s pretty exciting 🙂

I’m also very thankful that my appetite is normal. I still get pretty hungry every 2-3 hours, but as long as I have snacks with me, all is well with the world! I’ve been devouring veggies this week too, it feels SO GOOD to put greens, beans, and TOMATOES into my body!


Workouts have been so much more satisfying! I think it’s really cool for me to know that whatever exercise I’m doing is definitely benefiting TWO people! How cool is that?

Total miles walked this week: 17 (with some running)

I got to take a lovely brisk walk with Ashley and baby Lydia on Saturday! It was so great to have a friend to talk with, and Lydia fell asleep right away 🙂

I also put together this weight lifting routine for myself, my muscles have been asking to be challenged, and this workout was great. I used weights that were challenging at the last few reps, but I made sure that I could keep good form throughout the set.

10 rep x 3 sets of each:
Leg Extension
Leg Press (2 set double leg press, 1 set single leg press)
Hamstring Curls
Bicep Curl
Tricep Extension
Bent-Over Row
3x45sec planks (elbows)

Have a great week!

Mini-Coop: Week 15 and Life Updates

3 thoughts on “Mini-Coop: Week 15 and Life Updates

  1. First of all, congratulations to Daniel on the new job and to both of you on the move. Seeecondly, it is so awesome to see how strong you guys are in your trust in God and the plan he has laid in front of you!! Not always an easy thing to do, and definitely something I’m struggling with right now in recovering from surgery, so it’s really encouraging to see you guys jumping in head first and saying, “You lead the way!!” 🙂

    1. I was wondering how recovery was going for you!!! It’s not exactly easy to say “okay, I’ll go with it”, BUT, in my heart, I know it’s the best decision that we could make! And it’s just SO cool to see everything align as God planned!!! Sending some healing prayers your way 🙂

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