Mini-Coop: Week 16

Baby is as long as an avocado!

Thanks for all of the support with the news about our upcoming MOVE! We’re so excited and blessed to be where we are right now!16week

How I’m Feeling

Great! Again, nothing to complain about! I started wearing a BeBand from Target to keep some pants up. It’s this awesome elastic tube that well, keeps your pants up (even when they’re unbuttoned). I’m definitely starting to “feel” pregnant, meaning that my belly just feels different than it ever has!

My bellybutton is changing shapes already, even though there’s not THAT much pushing it out.



Man, working out feels SO GOOD! I did “overdo” it on one day though. On Saturday, I did a weights routine in the morning, and then I went walking with my friend Ashley, and we went to church that evening. Just that much activity had me begging to lay down around 8pm. Granted, I haven’t done that much activity in one day in a while, so I’m sure my body would probably be ok if I did weights and a 20-30min walk!

I’ve also been doing lots of planks. It feels so good to engage my core (without doing actual ab exercises, here’s why I’m staying away from crunches).


Still loving to cook over here! Tuesdays have been deemed enchilada days! I used this recipe for Turkey & Black Bean Enchiladas from Skinnytaste (but I subbed in pinto beans for the turkey and corn tortillas for the flour).

Another winning recipe was a Sweet Curried Tuna Salad from Cooking Light and a Apple-Broccoli Slaw salad from the same book, but I can’t find the recipe online. It was bascially a package of broccoli slaw, 1.5 c. chopped apple (I used a green apple), and a dressing of lite mayo (3TBSP), apple cider vinegar, a bit of sugar and salt. I had to double up on the sugar and the vinegar, because as the slaw sat overnight, the flavors were barely detectable. I don’t know if I’d make the slaw this way again, but, we really liked the apples mixed in there! I think we’ll just tweak the dressing a bit to make it have some more PUNCH!6vs16

Week 6 vs Week 16- what a difference 10 weeks makes!

Well, there went week 16 without a hitch! Excited to see what week 17 brings!

Mini-Coop: Week 16

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