Mini-Coop: Week 17

Baby is the length of an onion (5.1 inches long and 5.9 oz)

Oh, just a note, each post is written about the previous week. I wanted to be able to recap my actual experiences with each week! So we’re at 18 weeks now, yippee!!!


How I’m Feeling

Still doing great! Belly is growing, but most of my clothes still fit, which is pretty nice! We have a checkup at the end of week 18, and we get to schedule THE ultrasound where we’ll find out if little baby Cooper is a she or a he!

A perk of being in the second trimester- I only have to go to the bathroom 1 or 2 times per night (instead of 6 like in the first trimester). Yippee!

Workouts have been great- lots of walking,  a good weights session at the gym, and mowing the yard! I’m so thankful that my body is still feeling so good!

7vs177 weeks vs 17 weeks
(I still kind of think it looks like I’ve just been eating lots of donuts! But I promise, there’s a baby in there!)

Favorite Pregnancy Websites

I have some “favorites” as far as pregnancy websites go. I like to use TheBump and Baby Center for weekly updates (that’s where all of the “baby is as big as a…” come from)! There’s also a great website called babble where moms-to-be and mommies write hilarious posts on everything from pregnancy expectations to hilarious (and inappropriate) things their 2 year olds say in public.

I also really like re-reading pregnancy recaps from some of the regular blogs that I visit: Emily from Daily Garnish, Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point, my friend Ashley, and my friend Melissa (who just put up an AWESOME post about why she chose a midwife).

With all of that being said, I don’t really like reading too much about EVERYTHING that is going on with our little one. I mean, women all over the world get pregnant and have babies, so I’m pretty sure my body knows what it’s doing. I could get super stressed and worried about every little thing, but it’s not worth it! I’m enjoying the ride so far, and I think it’s probably good for expecting mothers to sit back and let their body do whatever it wants to!

Check out the Mini-Coop tab up top! That’s where all of the pregnancy posts are being collected!

See you next week for our 18 week recap!!!

Mini-Coop: Week 17

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