Mini-Coop: Week 19

Baby is the size of a mango! (About about 6.0 inches long and weighing in at about 8.5 ounces)

Time is flying by! I just hit 20 weeks today (5/14/2012), and it’s crazy to think that this pregnancy is half-way through! (This picture is actually the first day of 20 weeks!)


Baby REALLY started moving this week. After I eat a meal, mini-coop does all kinds of flips and kicks. I wish I knew what was kicking me- a leg? An arm? His or her rump? It’s pretty nifty. BUT- I would be lying if I didn’t mention that the little kicks and bumps were kind of annoying at times. For example, it’s not really fun to have baby playing trampoline on your bladder during a car ride. And it’s a little weird to have a little “baby fireworks” show going on inside during class. Most of the time though, it’s really cool to know that there’s really a baby in there!

How I’m Feeling

Knock on wood, but this pregnancy has been pretty easy! Aside from a few aches and pains on certain days, I feel GREAT! I’ve stopped running, my SI joint really starts to hurt after a few minutes. Using the elliptical feels a little weird on some days too, so that might be the next thing to “go”.

My appetite is about normal, but when I eat something every 2 hours, I feel best.

We traveled to Indianapolis (for the second time this spring!) to see our friends Jake and Katy get married. It was wonderful catching up with old friends and enjoying an absolutely beautiful wedding!



I also started summer class this week, French. French is HARD, but I just want to get as many classes out of the way before our little mini-coop makes his or her entrance to the world. It’s REALLY nice to have a different schedule, because I have at least 2 afternoons per week totally open. I’ve gotten in some good weights workouts, but it’s funny to see my weight lbs dropping (10lb bicep curls are just TOO heavy!) I’m doing a lot of walking. Because my class runs 5 days per week, that pretty much guarantees that I get in 5 40 minute walks each week (it’s about 20 minutes from our house to campus). I’d like to take Silas on a few more walks each week (since he can’t come to class), but we’ve enjoyed going to the dog parks in the warm springtime evenings!

In other news, Daniel is enjoying being finished with school, he’s working part time at Starbucks for a few months until his real job starts! He’s been so helpful with getting everything ready- he’s got a to-do list a mile long! We’re pretty thankful to have a little more time together than normal, and we’re both looking forward to a different pace of life when we’re up in Cincinnati.


Well, nothing else to report. We find out the sex of baby Coop next week (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I’ll be back with a reveal and a 20 week recap!

Mini-Coop: Week 19

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