Gender Predictions for Mini-Coop

Our big ultrasound is just around the corner (on Tuesday!) and I though it would be fun to take a few “gender prediction” tests. We’ve had most people tell us we’re having a boy (but we’ve also always talked about how we’d love to have a little boy, so we may have swayed their votes!) We’ll be happy with a boy or a girl, but I’ve been picturing a little baby who looks just like Daniel’s baby pictures for a while now. Let’s hope baby COOPerates and shows the tech his or her stuff!


Toddler Daniel and Toddler Holly

We actually decided to have the tech write down the gender and put it in an envelope. Daniel has some special reveal planned, and all I know is that it involves cupcakes from BabyCakes (they make GF cupcakes!!!) I’ll try to put up a post on Wednesday with details of the reveal, and hopefully with the gender of our little Mini-Coop!

JustMommies Gender Prediction Quiz: 75% Boy

Chinese Gender Predictor: Girl

Old Wives Tale Gender Predictor: 64% Boy

Gender Prediction Quiz: 60% Boy Gender Predictor: Boy


Most of these quizzes asked if I’m carrying “high” or “low”, and that just made me laugh because unless it’s the end of the day, it doesn’t look like I’m “carrying” anything other than some extra lunch. I guess I’m carrying low though, I feel all of the kicks and punches WAY below my belly button.

Anyways, that was a fun little doo-dad and we’re excited to see our real Mini-Coop on Tuesday!

Gender Predictions for Mini-Coop

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