Mini-Coop: 20 Weeks

Baby is the size of a banana!

Well friends, this is the 20 week recap and tomorrow comes the big gender reveal! Everything is still going smoothly! Daniel and I took a trip up to Cincinnati this past weekend to go house hunting, and we are happy to say that we’ll have a place to live! We’ll be renting the bottom half of a duplex in the Oakley area. I’m really excited to start exploring our new city. The realtor we were working with showed us tons of great parks and I can’t wait to take some walks there later this summer (and with baby once he or she arrives!20weeksIt was really surreal to think that the house that we’ll be moving into is the house where our baby will be born. I’m also excited because the baby/guest room will have carpet, so there will be plenty of soft surfaces for playtime! Silas is also super excited about having carpet in the house, he loves to bury his nose as deep as possible in the carpet when we visit family! I’m glad our new place will have hardwood in the front room and in the dining room/kitchen as well. I love hardwood floors!!!

How I’m Feeling

Still doing just fine! I had a little bit of SI joint pain (lower back/hip area) one evening, but I made a rice heating pack and did some stretching and it felt SO much better! I just poured some rice into a cotton sock and tied a knot at the top. Then I microwaved it for 1 minute and put it on my back. Easiest almost-instant heating pad. Besides some very minor aches, I’m still feeling great!

The jeans I’m wearing in the picture below are probably on their way to the storage box, they fit, but they are NOT comfortable. I got a few new shirts at Target this week, just regular v-neck shirts from the WOMEN’S section (not the Juniors or whatever that other section is called). They’re long, they’re soft and they look better than my current (5 year old) t-shirts with pit stains.
Little mini-coop is still kick-kick-kicking away. As I type this (on Monday night), kiddo is bumping all around! I’ve had the chance to let a few others feel baby moving around, it’s just too cool not to share! He/she is most active in the mornings around 10 and in the evenings after dinner, but especially around 8pm.


Walking still feels great, elliptical not so much, and biking is good on some days. It’s really strange, but my body definitely knows that it doesn’t want to be pushed too hard. Daniel and I visited the hotel gym when we were in Cincy, and I hopped on the elliptical for a bit, but that got uncomfortable (mainly because the machine was too big and it caused my posture to be pretty poor), so then I hopped on the bike, but the higher resistance just made my body say “NO!” It’s not painful or anything, and I’m not like extremely winded when this “NO” happens, but it’s just this weird all-over feeling of “I should take it easy”. So I turn down the resistance and go until my body says stop.
Weight lifting still feels great! I’ve dropped weights on a few things, just because the weights I was using just felt too heavy. But I aim to do about 15 reps of each exercise, 3 times through. Biceps, triceps, lats, seated rows and these great resistance band chest stretch/rear fly thingamajigs.


First Pregnant Crying Experience

Daniel and I went to a restaurant called Rock Bottom Brewery in Cincinnati and I was asking the waitress what the “Catch of the Day” was. She said “salmon”, but since there were two other salmon options on the menu (pecan-encrusted and Asian), I asked how this special of the day salmon was cooked. She said (rather shortly) “with olive oil and butter”. I asked if it was just plain, just the oil and butter, and she told me “yes”. Well, when my salmon came out, it had a little mound of breadcrumbs on top. I’ll preface this by saying that I probably should have been more specific about asking if there was any breading on the fish, but she seemed like she didn’t want to answer any more questions, so I didn’t. Anyways, after the waitress had dropped off our food, I nearly started crying. I was mad at her for not telling me about the breadcrumbs, and I had this weird sad feeling that she didn’t tell me the whole truth. But, I sucked it up, brushed off the breadcrumbs, and had a good dinner.

And then at dinner, I started to tell Daniel how I have been starting to feel more connected with the baby. I was just telling him how sad I would be if something were to happen to the baby, and some big fat tears started rolling down my cheeks. I think it’s funny because up until this point, I haven’t really been any more or less emotional than normal, and those two “crying” episodes happened within like 20 minutes of one another. Ahh hormones.

We also had a doctors appointment after our ultrasound, but I’ll just include any nuggets of info from that appointment with the gender reveal 🙂 See you tomorrow!

Mini-Coop: 20 Weeks

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